The minute we started planning our trip to Scotland, and more specifically our 2 days in Edinburgh, Marty and I knew that The Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh would be on the itinerary. I mean, where else can you take a virtual ride through the whisky making process, learn all about the regions of Scotland and their whisky ingredients, and then see the largest collection of Scottish whisky?  See, that’s why we wanted to go!!

Don’t worry, I have the spelling correct. The Scottish spell it “whisky” where the Irish and Americans add an ‘e’, making it whiskey.  So, since this post is based upon Scottish Whisky, then “whisky” without the ‘e’ it shall be!

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Booking Your Scotch Whisky Tour

Located on the historic Royal Mile, The Scotch Whisky Experience offers several different tours depending on your preferences and your budget!

The Silver Tour is the most economical tour.  It takes about an hour and allows participants to enjoy an introduction into Scotch whisky before choosing one whisky to taste in the incredible whisky collection room.  The Gold Tour takes between 70 and 90 minutes and allows for more tastings than the Silver Tour.  The Platinum Tour takes 90 minutes and is a relaxing evening tour that allows you to do a comparative whisky tasting.  The Scotch Whisky Experience also has a Morning Masterclass lasting about 90 minutes, specially designed for those that already have a knowledge and love for whisky.  They also offer a Taste of Scotland tour that combines great the Platinum Tour with a Scottish tasting menu in the Amber Restaurant.  With so many options, how will you ever choose?

Once you’ve decided what tour you want to take, book instantly online and reserve your spot!

Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh

About the Tour

You begin your tour by hopping into a whisky keg.  No, really!  The whisky keg quickly transports you through a virtual distillery where you are educated not only on the history of Scotch whisky, but the complete distilling process as well.  I loved the virtual tour guide.  I don’t know exactly why, but I found him very comical.  LOL!

Virtual tour guide scotch whisky experience

After leaving your whisky barrel, the sensory experience begins as you are joined by a live tour guide.  Now, I don’t want to give anything away, but the sensory presentation was one of my favorite parts of the tour!  I loved learning all about the different regions of Scotland and how they used their local ingredients to create their unique blend of Scottish whisky.

Once you’ve completed your sensory experience, you’re invited into the blending room to learn more about the blending process and to choose the whisky you would like to taste!  I chose a whisky from the Speyside region of Scotland.  With notes of pear, honey, and spice, how could I go wrong?  Marty chose the whisky from the Campbeltown region.  He was intrigued by the vanilla, toffee, and smoked notes in the whisky originating from this region.

Blending Room

Choosing our Whisky at Scotch Whisky Experience

Whisky Samples at Scotch Whisky Experience

With our whisky in hand, we made our way to the show stopper of the day, the room where we were to do our tasting.  Guys, this room contains the largest Scotch whisky collection in the world!  Weighing in with 3,384 bottles of Scotch whisky, the room exuded a beautiful golden glow.  We were literally surrounded with priceless bottles of Scotch whisky!

Once inside and over our shock, our education continued as we were taught the proper way to taste whisky before finally getting our first sip.  Man, were they good!  I liked Marty’s, but mine was better!  LOL!

Your tour concludes in the gorgeous McIntyre Gallery and Bar where you can continue to enjoy tasting more whiskeys or have a cocktail.  Oh, and you get to keep your cute little tasting glass-bonus!

Michelle with her whisky

Scotch Whiskey Collection_Edinburgh

That Texas Couple at the Scotch Whisky Exp

Scotch Whisky Experience

Fun Facts I Learn at The Scotch Whisky Experience

  • The tour is given English, but they offer audio guides in 20 languages!
  • The tour is also fully in sign language if needed.  How cool is that?
  • 90% of Scottish distilleries source through The Scotch Whisky Experience so you are bound to find the perfect bottle!
  • The most expensive bottle in the gift shop is $27,500!
  • Up to 2% of the alcohol dissipates per year.  This is called the “angel’s share”.
  • Scotland has 5 distinct regions for Scottish whisky:  Highlands, Speyside, Lowlands, Campbeltown, and Islay.  Each has their own distinct aroma and flavor based upon their region.
  • In the Islay region, there are 8 distilleries and only 300 citizens!
  • There are over 477 different derivations of whisky offered for sale in their shop.

Expensive bottle of Scotch Whisky

Should You Visit?

We had so much fun on our visit, I would definitely recommend you go.  I learned a lot about Scotch whisky and found the tour to be so interactive, appealing to all of my senses.  Even if you don’t think you’re a whisky lover, give it a try.  Maybe you just haven’t found the right whisky yet!

Now if you’re traveling with kids, then take turns entertaining the kids while the other person has fun in the Scotch Whisky Experience, then switch!  LOL!  After you both have finished at the Scotch Whisky Experience, then check out the 7 Magical Things to do in Edinburgh With Kids for more inspiration.

Please note, this is a sponsored post.  Marty and I were given a complimentary tour, but as always, all opinions are our own.

Tasting at the Scotch Whisky Experience_Edinburgh

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Planning a trip to Edinburgh? Then you have to add The Scotch Whisky Experience to your itinerary. This post guides you through the tours offered as well as let's you see inside our delightful afternoon at The Scotch Whisky Experience. #scotchwhisky #edinburgh #whisky #whiskytour #scotland #visitscotland #scotchwhiskyexperience

Planning a trip to Edinburgh? Then you have to add The Scotch Whisky Experience to your itinerary. This post guides you through the tours offered as well as let's you see inside our delightful afternoon at The Scotch Whisky Experience. #scotchwhisky #edinburgh #whisky #whiskytour #scotland #visitscotland #scotchwhiskyexperience

Planning a trip to Edinburgh? Then you have to add The Scotch Whisky Experience to your itinerary. This post guides you through the tours offered as well as let's you see inside our delightful afternoon at The Scotch Whisky Experience. #scotchwhisky #edinburgh #whisky #whiskytour #scotland #visitscotland #scotchwhiskyexperience

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  1. I so wish we would have made it in here when we were in Edinburgh last month. It looks amazing! I guess it’s a good reason to go back now! 🙂

    • That sounds like the perfect plan, Christina!

  2. You know I have thought about visiting a distillery or doing a whisky tasting when I have been in Scotland but we just haven’t yet. This looks like a great option. I feel like I have so much to learn about whisky and I love that they have so many different whiskys in their shop.

    • It was really interesting, Anisa and a fun way to taste different whiskies. We really enjoyed it.

  3. I’ve never been to Edinburgh but your post is inspiring. A whiskey tour & tasting sounds like so much fun! I’m not much of a whisky fan prob bc I’ve never had the “good stuff!” I’ll def consider this tour should I ever get to Edinburg!

    • Thanks, Linda. Edinburgh was delightful. I really loved the charm of the city and I’m pretty sure they could find some whisky you would like 🙂

  4. I did a whisky tasting and blending tour in Manchester and learned the whiskey vs whisky spelling fact. I never even realized that whisky was a correct way of spelling it until then!

    • I know, isn’t that funny! I’ll have to look for one in Manchester when we go!