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Flying Dress Santorini Photoshoot: Everything You Need to Know

You’re in the right place if you dream of a flying dress Santorini photoshoot. I had the opportunity to do this incredible shoot during my recent visit to Santorini, Greece, and I loved it!

Flying dress photoshoots are all the rage on social media these days and for good reason.

Women in their beautiful flying dresses standing in front of incredible scenery is breathtaking and, honestly, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

If you’re like me, you probably have many questions regarding this dream photoshoot, so I am here to help.

This post outlines all you need to know about a Santorini flying dress photoshoot. I’ll give you real-time suggestions and tips so you know exactly what to expect during your flying dress photoshoot.

So, read on for all you need to know about booking a Santorini flying dress photoshoot.

Full disclosure: My Santorini flying dress photoshoot was a partnership with As always, all opinions are my own.

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Reasons to Book a Santorini Flying Dress Photoshoot

flying dress photoshoot in Santorini

I believe a flying dress photoshoot should be on everyone’s bucket list for several reasons, including:

  • A once in a lifetime experience capturing stunning photos
  • An epic souvenir documenting your time in the beautiful Santorini, Greece
  • Feel like a princess as a team of hairstylists and make-up artists glam you up for your photos
  • Capture magazine-worthy photos with you as the star
  • Have unforgettable moments to look back on when you’re old and gray!

What is a Flying Dress Photoshoot

flying dress photoshoot in Santorini

A gorgeous flying dress with a long train that seems to blow effortlessly in the wind.

The majority of these dresses are made of satin. This high-sheen fabric looks beautiful under natural light when captured in photographs.

You can capture stunning photos when you combine this gorgeous flying dress with a picturesque backdrop, like that in Santorini, Greece.

According to CNN, “These images, known as “flying dress” photos, started on the picturesque Greek island of Santorini…”

With that in mind, it only makes sense that so many people dream of a flying Santorini dress photoshoot.

Of course, witnessing the beauty of these photo shoots on Instagram meant I had to put on one of these amazing dresses and experience this photoshoot for myself!

So, I began researching how to make my Santorini flying dress dream a reality.

Santorini Dress Photoshoot Prices

flying dress Santorini

One of the first questions on my mind was, how much is a flying dress photoshoot in Santorini, Greece?

Immediately, I realized that organizing a professional photographer and renting a flying dress in Santorini is not cheap.

With the average price of a Santorini flying dress photoshoot at around $500, I quickly realized I had to be serious about this commitment.

The flying dresses range from $200 to $1000 to rent on their own, and when you combine the dress rental with the cost of a professional photographer, which averages around $250 for 30 minutes, the price adds up quickly.

That is when I discovered that there are amazing companies that specialize in flying dress photoshoots, providing package costs that are much more reasonable.

I love that Flying Dress offers numerous packages to its clients that range in price from 370 to 1500 Euros, depending on the package you choose.

All packages with Flying Dress include your dress rental and at least 30 minutes with your professional photographer.

Obviously, the higher-priced packages include more options. For example, some packages include a personal assistant to help make the flowy dress fly (which I highly recommend), hair and make-up, and a slow-motion video.

Other costs include the number of photos you are provided, the number of people in the photoshoot, the number of edited photos, transportation to and from the photoshoot location, etc.

Preparing For Your Santorini Flying Dress Photoshoot

flying dress Santorini photoshoot

I loved that provided me with the information I needed to prepare for my Santorini flying dress photoshoot.

First, you have to choose the style and color of dress you would like. Since red is my signature color, choosing a color was easy for me.

Choosing the style of my flying dress was a bit more difficult. There are so many beautiful styles to choose from.

For me, it came down to which Santorini dress I would feel most comfortable in. I decided on an off-the-shoulder dress that looked feminine but still fun.

One piece of advice: when choosing your dress size, take your measurements and follow the sizing guide. I did, and my dress fit perfectly!

Since I was doing my hair and make-up, I also packed a fun red lipstick to match my dress and ensured that I had hair ties and clips.

I like my hair down in photos, but it was super windy during my flying Santorini dress photoshoot, so I was glad that I brought along items to pull my hair back halfway through my photo shoot.

It would be best to pack shoes that are easy to slip on and off. You will be barefoot during your shoot, but want your shoes to walk from location to location.

flying dress Santorini photoshoot

Also, be sure to pack undergarments, trust me! It is best to pack undergarments that are skin-colored or that match the color of the flying dress you chose.

Another consideration for your Santorini flying dress photoshoot is the shooting location.

Many people choose to shoot in Oia for the city’s famous blue domes, but I will warn you that Oia is very crowded, making it a bit more difficult for the photographer to get the perfect shot.

We left the shooting location up to Flying Dress, and they advised doing the shoot in Imerovigli Village.

Once I arrived at Imerovigli Village, I instantly fell in love and quickly understood why they recommended it for my Santorini dress photoshoot.

I was on the highest point of Santorini island. The hillside is covered with beautiful whitewashed buildings overlooking the Aegean Sea.

I knew this stunning backdrop would make for some epic photos, and boy, was I right!

What to Expect During Your Flying Santorini Dress Photoshoot

flying dress Santorini photoshoot

After arriving at the meeting location, we were quickly introduced to our photographer and assistant for the Santorini dress photoshoot.

We then went to a small apartment in Imeroviglia, where my assistant helped me to get into the flying dress I had chosen.

I was truly surprised at how well the Santorini dress fit. (Be sure to follow their sizing guide to have the same results!)

Once fitted with my flying dress, we were off to the first location for our photo shoot.

Walking in the flying dress is a fun experience in itself. You bunch up the train and bottom of the dress and carry it around.

I’m sure I looked quite comical!

Santorini flying dress photos

Get ready to walk up and down stairs. Like many villages in Santorini, Imeroviglia is built on the hillside, which is one of the reasons a dress photoshoot in Santorini is such an unforgettable experience.

Once you arrive at your first location, the photo session begins.

I loved how the photographer and assistant guided me through posing and made me feel comfortable during the photoshoot.

After seeing some of my flying dress images on the camera, I felt like a Greek goddess and couldn’t wait to continue my Santorini photoshoot.

I always felt safe and well cared for during my Santorini dress photoshoot. My photographer and assistant always made me feel comfortable and looked out for my every step, literally!

Of course, I couldn’t do a photoshoot in Santorini and not have Marty join me, so we also took several pictures as a couple.

Honestly, this was a truly memorable experience that I would definitely do again on our next trip to Santorini, Greece.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an assistant for my photoshoot in Santorini?

flying dress photoshoot in Santorini

The short answer is YES!

I understand that the assistant is an extra cost, but if you want the best pictures of your flying dress, you need to splurge for the assistant.

The assistant helps to make the dress fly, giving the pictures the unique style that flying dresses are known for.

Granted, the ocean breeze lifts the dress trains slightly, but the assistant is the one who truly helps to create the look of the dress flying up in the ocean breeze, making the models look like Greek goddesses!

Is the flying dress photoshoot worth it?

flying dress photoshoot in Santorini

A Santorini dress photoshoot is totally worth the price, in my opinion.

As mentioned above, the price includes your dress rental, photographer, edited photos, web images, and high-resolution images, and loads of extras like hair and makeup if you pay for them.

Not only that, but the photo session is truly an unforgettable experience that is the perfect way to celebrate your time in Santorini, Greece.

How Many People Can Be in My Photoshoot in Santorini

Santorini flying dress photoshoot

Your photoshoot in Santorini can include as many people as you would like. Of course, there is an extra fee for additional people.

Where can you do a flying dress photoshoot?

When speaking of Santorini photoshoots, you can choose locations on the island. gives you the choice of Imeroviglia, Oia, Columbus, Megalochori, Finikia, or the Church of the Prophet Elias.

Of course, there are other places in the world where you can take pictures in a flying dress.

Some of these include Italy, Dubai, the Maldives, and Jamaica, to name a few.

How long in the train on a flying dress?

flying dress photoshoot in Santorini

Most flying dresses have trains ranging from 2 to 3.5 meters.

These long trains help ensure you get the unique style that the flying dresses are known for.

Of course, the dresses vary according to the dress rental you choose, so read about your dress before your Santorini dress photoshoot.

When is the best time to do a dress photoshoot in Santorini?

For the perfect photos, I would advise doing your Santorini photoshoot first thing in the morning or just before sunset.

Taking your photos during the morning is nice because there are not as many tourists yet, especially those just visiting Santorini on a day trip or cruise.

In addition to the streets of Santorini being less crowded, the morning hours are also cooler, allowing you to be more comfortable during the photoshoot.

Of course, the hours right before sunset speak for themselves. Photographers love this time of day and refer to it as the golden hours.

The lighting around sunset is beautiful, and the heat from the day is usually starting to dissipate as well.

The beauty of the light with the flowy dresses makes for love story-style photos when you land this time of day.

What makes the dresses fly?

flying dress Santorini photoshoot

As we mentioned above, the dresses don’t fly on their own. They couldn’t as the trains weigh about 5 pounds.

You need wind or a running motion to get the dresses to have a beautiful flying effect.

The dress won’t appear flying in your photos if neither is present.

That is why hiring an assistant is so important. The assistant is trained to hold the dress totally and then throw it into the air when the photographer is ready.

Final Thoughts On My Flying Dress Photoshoot

For love-story-type photos and an incredibly memorable experience, I highly recommend booking a Santorini dress photoshoot with

The shoot was one of the highlights of my trip. The photos that they were able to capture are truly breathtaking!

They offer so many styles and colors of dresses to ensure you have the perfect look during your photo shoot. Not only that, but they are just an incredible team to work with!

I can’t wait to share my photos on Instagram and with friends and family.

Don’t wait, book one of their amazing photoshoots today!

Comment below and tell us what you think about a flying dress photoshoot in Santorini!

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Wow beautiful photos!!! I feel super inspired to this next year when I visit Santorini in the summer!


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