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The Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers

The Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers

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If you or a loved one is obsessed with travel, then you’ve come to the right place to find them the perfect gift!  Our list of the best gifts for travel lovers has so many travel gift ideas, you are sure to find something they will love!

We have you covered with practical gifts and fun and unique gifts that are sure to please everyone that you are shopping for!

Whether you are searching for a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s day, or just a gift for someone going abroad, you can find something for everyone with a wanderlust spirit using our list of gifts.

I hope you find exactly what you need with our list of travel gift ideas. We’ve included things from travel insurance gift cards to things to protect your credit cards.

This items will help the traveler to check things off of their bucket list!

*This post contains affiliate links.  By purchasing through these affiliate links, we get a small commission at no additional cost to you. That Texas Couple is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.  As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Packing Essentials For Lovers of Travel

Travel Backpack

backpack and headphones

A good backpack is essential for traveling one of the best gift list ideas for a travel lover.  Now, backpacks serve different purposes, so be sure and find one that fits the needs and travel style of the person who will be using it. 

Marty and I use ours in place of a suitcase, especially if we are moving from city to city or country to country.  Believe it or not, this is our favorite backpack.  I absolutely love the versatility of this bag.  It has so many storage compartments to help you easily keep track of your stuff.  It’s also tear and water-resistant so it’s one of the great gifts.

Another great option is to consider a wheeled backpack for travel. These bags allow you the versatility of both a backpack and a wheeled travel backpack, making them the perfect combination of the two, and one of our great travel gifts for people who love to travel.

All of these are excellent choices for a travel lovers carry on suitcase. Just be sure you check the size so that they meet carry on bag requirements.

Packing Cubes

If you love to travel light, then packing cubes are a must! I absolutely love my packing cubes.  They help to keep everything nice and tidy, and when traveling light, that is essential.

Packing cubes come in many colors and sizes, so find the set that is best suited for your need and they make great gifts for a travel lover. They also make packing in your carry on so much easier meaning they are a very useful gift!

Money Belt

Keeping your valuables safe is always important and one way to do that is to keep them tucked away.  The money belt that we prefer adds an extra security feature with its 3 layers of RFID blocking material.  This money belt is the perfect size to fit our passports, our money, and our phone, making it one of the best gifts for fans of travel.

As a travel lover, I love thoughtful gifts that help to keep my stuff safe also. And this is definitely a very useful gift that is absolutely essential.

Crossbody Bag

crossbody bags

A good crossbody bag is another one of the great travel gift ideas on our list.  Of course, there are several styles to choose from, so find one that fits you.  I personally use this bag.  It has enough room to hold what I need without being too big, has a place for my water, and is theft resistant-BONUS!

Perfect for the travel lover in your life. This makes for an amazing gift!

KUHL Performance Outdoor Pants

On our trip to Estes Park, I was so bummed to not have some good hiking pants. I promised myself when we returned home that I would find some, and boy, did I!!

These KUHL Performance Outdoor Pants are fabulous!!

I chose the FreeFlex Move and absolutely love them! Marty chose the Renegade Class Fit and loves his too. The material is breathable and the fit is perfect for our next hiking trip!

Plane Organizer

For an awesome gift, consider giving a Serenity Organizer. These organizers easily attach to the airplane tray table and give you loads of storage options.

Travel Jewelry Organizer

Help your travel lover keep all of their jewelry safe and tangle-free by purchasing a travel jewelry organizer like this one from Bagsmart.

It’s small but still big enough to hold a great amount of jewelry while keeping it safe inside the soft material and strong carrying handle. This is truly an awesome gift box that will keep things safe on your travel adventures.

Combination Luggage Lock

These TSA-approved combination luggage locks help to ensure that your traveler’s belongings stay nice and secure. These make great travel gifts that are very useful, especially for people who travel around the world! Be sure you get the travel-sized ones for them to work properly.

Travel Pillow

travel pillow and luggage

A good travel pillow is a must, especially on flights around the world, making it one of the comfortable gift ideas on our list. 

This travel pillow is great as it helps to support your head, neck, and chin.  Of course, if you are packing light, then consider getting an inflatable travel pillow for your travel lover as they can easily fold it away in a day pack to save space.

A good travel pillow is perfect for an international trip or a nice road trip, especially one made out of memory foam!

Travel Bag for Toiletries

Having all of your toiletry items where you can reach them quickly and easily is always a plus.  For that, consider getting a toiletry organizer as one of the best gifts.

Keep all of your toiletries handy and in one place with a great hanging toiletry bag.  Explore the designs and colors to find the perfect bag for your travel lover.

This toiletries bag is perfect for your dry shampoo, your UV light toothbrush sanitizer, shampoo, conditioner, and more!

RDIF Blocking Wallet

A good RDIF blocking wallet is a good gift for a male or female travel lover.  RDIF blocking keeps all of your personal data safe and secure while traveling, making it one of the appreciated travel gifts. This is such a fabulous gift for travel lovers.

I love this awesome gift.

Cosmetic Travel Bag

cosmetic bag and sunglasses-gifts for travel lovers

If you have a female travel lover that you are considering purchasing a gift for, everyone will love a great cosmetic travel bag.

In fun colors and patterns, you’re sure to find the perfect bag to add to your list of gifts.

Sleep Mask

Another one of the necessary gift ideas is a good sleeping mask. This will help you block out the light on your flight or in your hotel room.  You have to get your rest so you’ll feel up to all that sightseeing you have planned!

A good eye mask is essential while flying long distances for any travel lover.  Although it’s a little pricey, I love this mask from Dream Sleeper.  It blocks out 100% of all light!

Space Saver Bags

If you’re really trying to save space, get some travel space saver bags.  These roll-up compression storage bags are a great way to pack light! Honestly, space-saving is one of the best travel gifts.

Electronic and Gadget Gifts for Travelers

electronic gifts for travel lovers

Portable Power Bank

portable charger is a definite must-have while traveling.  We are all addicted to our devices, and you don’t want to run the risk of losing power.  I mean, you might miss the perfect selfie! 

We actually have a couple of portable power banks.  Marty is the tech guy, so he actually uses this Passport Wireless Pro to charge his devices if needed.  This little portable charger is an all-in-one, containing an SD card reader, a charger, and will wirelessly stream photos and videos.

This is one of the travel gifts that you can’t live without!

Roku Streaming Stick

This is one of the different travel gift ideas on our list, but I promise it will be used.

A Roku Streaming Stick is definitely a unique gift.  This one screams I don’t want you to miss your favorite shows!

Marty and I have a Roku, and love it!  It slides easily into our bag since we usually travel with only a backpack and allows us to watch our favorite shows while relaxing in the hotel at night. This really is one of our useful gifts.


Most travelers don’t have room to pack too many books, so why not give them the gift of being able to download books directly to an E-Reader, like a Kindle. This helps your travel addict to pass time on flights and in airports, making it one of the useable gifts.

Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

headphones and phone

Good noise-canceling headphones can be a lifesaver! 

Think about it, you’re on an 8-hour flight and the guy behind you won’t stop shuffling his cards (yes, this happened to me)!  With a pair of noise-canceling headphones, I would have never heard any of this.  Instead, I heard it all night and wanted to murder him!!  I really needed someone to give me these as one of my travel gifts.

You can splurge and get these awesome Bose wireless headphones, or go the more economical route and choose these Corwin Bluetooth headphones.  You really can’t go wrong with either one of these gifts!

Wrap these up in a fun gift box and you are sure to please anyone, especially those traveling abroad.

Bluetooth Speaker

bluetooth speaker

Help ensure that your travel lover stays entertained by getting them a great Bluetooth speaker to enjoy during their journey.

This JBL speaker packs quite a punch in a little package and sounds great! The business traveler on your list will love using this speaker at the hotel.


I know, you’re wondering why a headlamp?  Well, headlamps can come in very handy if there happens to be a power outage at your hotel, not to mention that all hikers and campers find them to be an essential piece of travel gear. This is one of the unique travel gifts on our list, but it really does come in handy, especially at National parks.

Solar Phone Charger

electronics on a table

 As we said before, you don’t want your travel lover to run out of juice on their personal electronic devices.  This actually happened to us at one of the National Parks once.

A solar phone charger makes for another fun and unique gift for travelers. There are several varieties to choose from including this awesome clip on solar charger.

Universal Travel Power Adaptor

We take our universal travel adapter everywhere with us, even if we aren’t going out of the country.  It’s just an easy way to charge all of our devices and fits nicely in our backpack. 

I really love how this adapter has several ports including USB ports.  I also appreciate how you just slide over the switch to find the correct plug for the country you’re in.  This adapter also auto-adjusts the amount of power to match your device.  I really think it’s smarter than I am.  LOL!

This is also a great gift for the business travelers in your life and they make for easy stocking stuffers.


An iPad is our go-to entertainment while traveling.  We download movies, music, and tv shows to help keep us occupied while on long flights or train rides. 

Marty and I love our iPad Pro because we can both see the screen easily and therefore share in the entertainment experience together (one of our fun travel tips). In addition, we use it to edit our photos while we are on the go. It works great and is one of the travel gifts that you can use for so much!


Help keep your travel lover connected by giving them the ultimate gift for travelers, a MacBook.  While definitely a splurge, MacBooks are known for their dependability and durability.  We LOVE ours!

Of course, a good MacBook is also perfect for business travelers.

Waterproof Phone Case

A good waterproof case for your traveler’s phone will come in handy more times than not.  Now, I wouldn’t take this case diving or anything, but it definitely will help keep the water out for simple swimming or floating the river.

A bonus to this one is that it even floats, making it one of the useful travel gifts on our list.

Diving Phone Case

Now for your sea adventurous traveler, a true diving case fits the bill better than the bags noted above.

Marty and I recently purchased this diving case for our iPhone and it did an awesome job.  Kept the phone completely dry and took nice pictures and videos. One of the top travel tips we provide-protect your equipment while traveling!

Piggy Pro Adjustable Phone Stand

This awesome phone stand is super thin and adjusts to a wide range of angles making it the perfect addition to your phone case.  An added bonus, it comes in a variety of colors and it also doubles as a mirror!

Travel Cord Organizer

Being organized is so important, especially if you are trying to pack light.  A good travel cord organizer comes in so handy. 

Battery Case for Your Phone

good battery case for your phone could be a lifesaver.  You don’t want to be without your directions or your camera, so staying fully charged is super important.  This is one of the super useful travel gifts on our list. Be sure and check your battery life. Trust us!

Mobile Internet Hotspot

Another fun and unique travel gift is a mobile internet hotspot.  Help ensure that your travel lover stays connected while on the go.

This GlocalMe G3 provides a 4G mobile hotspot with 1G global initial data and no SIM card roaming charges!

Go Pro

Capture awesome videos while hiking, diving, or ziplining. The GoPro is one of the best toys on the market and is addicting once you start using it.  You will get definite brownie points when you give this GoPro!

It’s especially great for that adrenaline junkie in your life!  If the name brand, GoPro is too expensive, then check out some of the other highly rated but more budget-friendly action cameras.


I know a drone is a splurge, but it really is the tech must-have tech gadget right now for travelers.  The Holy Stone drone is a top pick with its camera live video and altitude hold, and intelligent battery.

DSLR Camera

lady with a camera

A good DSLR camera can take your photos from ordinary to extraordinary!  Marty loves his Canon 7d Mark II.  This camera takes awesome photos and is super quiet (which is always nice while photographing churches).  LOL!  You can get a great bundle for your 7D Mark II that includes your camera body, camera lenses, memory cards, a case, and so much more!

Mirrorless Camera

Ok, another splurge.  A mirrorless camera is one of the awesome gifts for lovers of travel. When we are purchasing a camera, we always tend to go with Canon.  They make a great product and have wonderful accessories to accompany their equipment.

Another one of our travel gifts that keeps on giving! We even have a card that transfers the photos directly onto the hard drives of our computer. This is truly something we use every day!

Camera Strap

Every photographer needs a good camera strap.  While there are several fun designs you can choose from, we especially love this quick release crossbody strap from Altura Photo.

If you’re looking for cheap travel gifts, how about a unique camera strap?  The photography lover in you’re life will dig this!

Flexible Tripod

A flexible tripod is a super fun gift!  Everyone loves selfies and with a flexible tripod, you can take your selfies to the next level! 

Honestly, this is one of the fun travel gifts on our list and a great gift idea.

Memory Cards

You definitely don’t want to run out of space on your camera while on vacation, and if you’re shooting in raw, then this might happen!  Ensure that you have plenty of space to hold all of your great photos by purchasing a couple of extra memory cards as a travel gift.

Camera Bag or Backpack

camera bag

Protecting your precious camera equipment is a necessity for any traveler, making this one of the necessary gifts for travel.

Marty loves this Extra Large Camera Backpack.  Not only is there enough room and versatility for all of his photography needs, but there is also room to put his clothing and other necessities so he only has to deal with one bag.  (This is only one of his many backpack/camera bag combos-LOL!).

If this is too big, then no worries there are many options to choose from on Amazon. This makes for a great travel gift.

4 in 1 iPhone Lens Kit

iPhone photographers will love this fun gift.  This 4 in 1 lens kit includes a 20X macro lens, 2.0x zoom telephoto lens, 120-degree wide-angle lens, and a 180-degree fisheye lens.

How fun is that?! It’s definitely a great gift idea.

Fun and Unique Gifts for Travelers

A Great Coffee Cup

Free Lunch Coffee not only offers up fun coffee mugs and tumblers, but they also have great coffee.  We love that not only do you get a great product, but you are also giving to a good cause.  Each item purchased helps to provide meals to underprivileged children, hence the name, “Free Lunch Coffee“.  

Passport Cover

passport covers are great gifts for travel lovers

Why not get your travel lover a fun passport holder.  A good passport holder is super important to keep track of your travel document. This passport holder will ensure your travel documents are safe and secure and makes the perfect gift.

To make a thoughtful gift out of this one, have their passport holder customized with their initials.

UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

Traveling does a number on your toothbrush, so having a way to sanitize it is always appreciated! This UV toothbrush sanitizer does the trick just fine thanks to the UV light!

This is a practical gift (but also very useful)!


Buff headwear is awesome!  Lightweight and versatile, it is a wonderful gift for the travel lover in your life!  The moisture-wicking material is breathable, stretchable, and quick-drying!  A sure win for people who love to travel and one of the perfect travel lover gifts.

Ultralight Waterproof Jacket

An ultralight waterproof jacket makes a great addition to any minimalist packing list.  Not only are they easy to throw in your bag, but they come in so handy while traveling.

That is why we recommended them in our Ireland packing list as well.  Marty and I recently purchased these jackets from Columbia and love them! They make a great gift idea!

Packable Down Jacket

If your travel lover finds themselves in cold weather often, then a packable down jacket might be the perfect gift.  While they come in many styles and colors, I personally love the fit and durability of the Lands End jacket for women.

For men, Marty still prefers Columbia’s packable down jacket. This truly is a great travel gift idea.

Personalized Engraved Compass

Nothing screams wanderlust like a compass, making this a unique travel gift idea..  How about a personalized engraved compass for the travel lover in your life.  Remember, the article is one of the unique and fun gifts for travel.  LOL!

Travel Theme T-Shirt

Travelers will dig a travel-themed t-shirt that lets the world know that they are travel fanatics.  With several styles and saying to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect shirt that suits their unique personality.

I love that often times t-shirts are fun and cheap travel gifts.

Scratch Maps

Everyone loves to document their journeys.  These scratch off maps allow you to see where you’ve been and where you still need to visit. This is definitely one of the fun travel lover gifts on our list!

Travel Jewelry

Vagabond Life offers cute travel-themed jewelry pieces.  They have engraved travel rings by destination, keychains, necklaces, bracelets, and more.  I personally have one of their world map necklaces and love it!

Personalized Luggage Tags

How fun are these personalized luggage tags? I just love them! Your travel lover will definitely be grateful for these stylishly personalized luggage tags! They are a practical travel gift that is also fun.

Amazon Prime Membership

An Amazon Prime membership is a great gift for travelers.  Not only are you giving them free deliveries from Amazon for a year, but you’re also giving them free entertainment while traveling.  Travelers will love downloading movies and shows from Prime to watch while traveling!

Featherweight Compact Hair Dryer

A good hairdryer can go a long way, but who wants to lug around a big hairdryer while traveling?  I know I don’t!

Invest in a featherweight compact hair dryer for your travel lover.  Not only is this dryer super light, but it will dry your hair at record speed.  I mean, we don’t want to waste any of our precious travel time!

This is one of the most practical travel lover gifts your can buy!

Travel Journal

travel journal and camera

A good travel journal will help to preserve memories for years to come, and a good travel journal makes a great gift!  Try this refillable journal.  It’s just the right size and has a nice leather cover. They will love documenting their next trip in it!

Travel Scarf With Hidden Pocket

A good travel scarf can be so versatile, and having a hidden pocket allows you to keep your important items safely stowed away. It’s one of the perfect travel lover gifts!

These scarfs come in different sizes and designs. I personally love the infinity scarf.

A Coffee That Gives Back

Yes, you heard that correctly.  You can have a great cup of morning coffee and give to a good cause all at the same time thanks to Free Lunch Coffee.  For every bag of coffee purchased gives 20 lunches to children in need!  They also sell super cute coffee mugs and tumblers.  

One of the travel lover gifts that gives back, hence the reason it made this gift guide!

Smartwool Socks

Yes, I am recommending socks. Hear me out. I understand that this is a practical travel gift for your loved ones!

These Smartwool socks are incredible and the best gift to give people.  They are made of 100% Merino wool, a breathable fabric that keeps you warm and toasty in the winter and cool in the summer.

I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true.  Your travel lover will love these socks for a long time!

Travel Yoga Mat

yoga mat

A travel yoga mat fits the description of a unique travel lover gifts.  Trust me, their muscles will thank you with these travel gift ideas! Many people swear by it!

Compact Outdoor Blanket

Compact outdoor blankets makes a great travel lover gifts. 

I’m sure you have a loved one that this would be perfect for.


A nice sarong is a great unique travel gift for the female travel lover in your life.  Sarongs are so versatile and come in handy in so many ways, like that time I needed to cover my knees during our trip to Rome! A sarong is the best way to do this quickly and easily.

Water Bottle

Sometimes travel lover gifts can be practical, like a good stainless steel water bottle, and that is totally ok!

Many travelers are also Earth conscience. Help to save the Earth by carrying a refillable water bottle. There are several fun options here, but one that is really nice if you are packing light is this collapsible water bottle.

I love that these water bottles come in so many different colors and are small enough to fit in your backpack! And that they last such a long time, unlike throw away plastic bottles. This water bottle is such a better way to stay hydrated while on the go and to help in saving money!

Travel Gift Card

Help to send your loved one on a trip with the perfect gift card!  You can purchase a gift card for everything from travel insurance to hotel rooms. Here are a few of our favorites! The best part about this gift is that they can use it to book their next trip!

A Cool Travel Experience

Who doesn’t love a fun and memorable experience? I know we do, so with that in mind, consider getting the travel lovers in your life an experience for their next getaway. We love using Get Your Guide. Get Your Guide offers experiences all of the world, so you are sure to find the perfect one for your gift giving! Click below to explore!

Waterproof Dry Bag

I don’t know if this is really a “fun” item, but it is one of the much-needed travel lover gifts.  I put my phone in one of these waterproof dry bags while floating the river last summer, and it stayed perfectly protected.  I highly recommend getting one of these! Take a look at them and see what you think.

Travel-Themed Accessories

A fun travel-themed coffee cup makes for a great gift for the travel lover in your life. What’s better than sipping a cup of joe while dreaming of your next adventure?  Or how about walking in to see these fun travel-inspired travel pillows or some travel-inspired wall art. Travel-themed accessories make great travel lover gifts.

The best part of these travel lover gifts is that they remind people of their love for travel every time they see them. I’m sure you know someone that would love them.

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Book Your Trip: Logistical Tips and Tricks

Book Your Flight:

We love using CheapOAir, Kayak, and Kiwi to search for the best prices on flights. We love using these search engines because they search the web for airlines all over the world to ensure you get the best deal! In addition to flights, you can also find great hotel prices on Kayak and Kiwi.

Book Your Vacation Package:

If you want to book an entire vacation package, then we suggest using Expedia. We love how easy Expedia is to use and we always find good deals on entire vacation packages on their site.

Another great site for vacation packages is BookVIP. BookVIP offers super cheap vacation packages to incredible destinations. You are sure to save money using their site!

For full guided vacations including hotels, some meals, transportation, and guides, then we book with Trafalgar. Trafalgar is a trusted tour company that will meet all of your needs while ensuring that you have a great experience. allows you to book flights, hotels, train tickets, rental cars, airport transfers, tours, and more all on one site. Owned by the parent company that also owns Skyscanner, this is a trusted resource for travel booking and a great “one-stop-shop.”

Book Your Accommodations:

We always begin our search by checking out the honest review on hotels at TripAdvisor. This allows us to narrow our search for specific properties once we are ready to book. Of course, you can also book directly on the TripAdvisor site as well!

There are several accommodation sites that we like to use. One of our favorites is because it gives you a wide variety of hotels and guesthouses at a good price.

Another “go-to” hotel booking site for us is We love their loyalty program that allows you to earn free nights, and their “secret prices” for members are fabulous deals!

HotelsCombined is another cool site. They allow you to compare all of the top travel sites with one search to ensure you are finding the best deal out there. Kayak works in this way as well.

If you are looking for a luxurious all-inclusive vacation, then consider checking out the Sandals/Beaches properties. Sandals properties are for couples only and Beaches are for families. We have visited Sandals in the past and absolutely love the attention to detail and the service they provide.

Tour Companies We Trust:

We love taking guided tours when visiting new places. Our go-to tour companies are and Get Your Guide. Both of these companies have been in business for years and provide excellent customer service. You can trust booking tours from their sites for sure!

For a guided city tour, check out City Sightseeing and BigBus Tours. These bus tours are so much fun and easy to hop on and hop off at top attractions in cities around the world.

CityPass is a great way to save money when visiting large cities. CityPass allows you to get free admission to major attractions once you buy their pass. The savings add up quickly with this pass, often saving 50% with combined admissions.

Another great pass to save money in larger cities is the Sightseeing Pass. This pass allows you to save valuable time and money by combining admissions to major attractions. They also have a handy app that keeps everything you need at your fingertips.

Looking to Save Time and Money?

Check out our resource page for all of our favorite vendors. These companies help us to save time and money on our travels!

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Friday 8th of June 2018

These are some exceptional gifts which I would love to get as a traveller. :) I will save your post and use it as the ultimate gift guide when I think about possible gifts to get!


Sunday 3rd of June 2018

I need to get packing cubes already! I have a big trip planned for this summer to Colombia and I know it will make it so much easier!


Sunday 3rd of June 2018

I've heard so many good things about packing cubes now I seriously need to invest in some!

Anisa Karen Alhilali

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Great list! I also always bring along my international adapter. We actually have the gopro 5 and are very happy with it. And we also recently got a drone, but we got the dji mavic pro.

Dana Berez

Saturday 2nd of June 2018

Loved all these suggestions. So accurate because I am a traveler and I want all of the items haha!


Saturday 2nd of June 2018

Thanks, Dana!!