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Gorgeous Lavender Fields in Texas (and Lavender Festivals)

Would you believe me if I told you that there are incredible lavender fields in Texas?

What if I told you that Texas has the optimal growing conditions for the beautiful lavender plants like you see in France?

It’s true! The alkaline limestone soil and dry climate make Texas the optimal place for lavender farms!

Visiting the lavender farms and lavender festivals in Texas will make you feel as though you have been transported to another land.

Let us help you explore the lavender season in Texas with this post!

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Lavender Blooming Season in Texas

The majority of the lavender fields in Texas are in bloom from May to July thanks to the dry climate in Texas.

Now, notice I said majority here. There are some lavender fields that bloom as late as September thanks to the warm climate that Texas has to offer!

The key factor that determines the lavender blooming season is the type of lavender plant that the lavender farm is growing.

French, English, and Spanish lavender plants seem to do well and feel right at home in Texas and are therefor popular choices at many Texas lavender farms.

There are a couple of different varieties of French lavender that do well in Texas. One of the French lavender’s blooming season occurs between April and June, and the other blooms mid-July until September.

English lavender is often planted in Northern Texas lavender fields as this variety tends to grow well in the colder climate found in this area.

Southern Texas lavender growers generally plant Spanish lavender. This area’s Spanish lavender blooms April to May, so time it carefully if you choose to make this one of your romantic getaways in Texas!

Lavender Fields in Texas Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country is a brimming with Texas small towns that draw visitors from all over the country.

This area is know for the Texas bluebonnet fields that blanket the country roads and the best wineries in Fredericksburg that have made this region of Texas a world-class wine destination.

While all of these provide for great reasons to visit the Texas Hill Country, we thing you should go to check out the gorgeous lavender fields that are in full bloom during the summer months.

Of course, we will also cover all of the products you can purchase at the lavender shop also!

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Becker Vineyards and Lavender Farm

Becker Vineyards in Fredericksburg is one of the local lavender farms that people love to visit.

This fabulous vineyard and winery is one of the many things to do in Fredericksburg that you will love!

Once arriving at Becker Vineyards, be sure to do a wine tasting before you head out to enjoy a glass or two while overlooking their gorgeous lavender fields.

Becker plants Spanish lavender plants that bloom in April and May. This means that you can plana visit here as one of your Texas road trips while also seeing the gorgeous Texas bluebonnets.

During your visit, be sure to visit their storefront to purchase their handmade lavender products. These products are produced from their Texas lavender plants and include items such as soaps, candles, shower gels, essential oils, and more.

Becker Lavender Farms is such a fabulous place in the Texas Hill Country. You could almost say it is a destination all in itself!

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Hill Country Lavender

You will find Hill Country Lavender located in the small town of Blanco, Texas, just outside of San Antonio.

This area of the Texas Hill Country is the perfect place to go glamping in Texas while you are visiting the lavender farm.

Hill Country Lavender boasts over 2,000 lavender plants that are spread out over 2.5 acres. All of that, and they are still considered a boutique lavender grower!

During your visit, stroll through the aromatic lavender fields and find the perfect spot to take a photo or two in the lavender plants spread out so beautifully. These make for great souvenirs!

After you have had your fill of photos, you can cut your own lavender while the lavender flowers are in bloom. Blooming season at Hill Country Lavender occurs mid-May through July.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Hill Country Lavender’s farm store. This store sells products including linen spray, bubble bath, soaps, and more.

You can also find the farm store products for purchase online!

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Rough Creek Ranch and Lavender Farm

There are so many things to do in Wimberley, TX that you are sure to stay busy.

Of course, one of the things that should be on the top of your list in the summer months is a visit to Rough Creek Lavender Fields, the largest lavender farm in the Wimberley Valley that is also a working roping horse ranch.

Strolling through lavender fields here is such a treat as the aromas and sights surround you, especially during peak blooming season which is June for this lavender farm.

The gorgeous purple flowers make for the perfect picture, and the opportunity to pick your own lavender will allow you to take a piece of Rough Creek Ranch home with you!

If you are afraid the lavender flowers won’t travel well, then be sure to purchase some of the products from this Texas Hill Country lavender field.

Their lavender products include eye pillows, bath salts, lip balm, and more.

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Purple Cactus Lavender Farm

Visitors to the Purple Cactus Lavender Farm in Weimar, TX are in for a treat.

The rolling hills of the Texas Hill country make these Texas lavender fields come alive during the summer months.

You can visit the Purple Cactus free of charge, but if I were you, I would opt for one of their guided tours. For $5 you can learn more about growing lavender from the experts. Not only that, but your tour price also includes a cool glass of lavender lemonade!

During your visit, be sure to stop by the gift shop and check out the lavender products they have to offer. Don’t miss the culinary lavender and the lavender bath products!

Chappell Hill Lavender Farm

The small town of historic Chappell Hill, a part of the Texas Independence Trail, is one of the fresh lavender farms with gorgeous hillside views, Chappell Hill Farm.

Chappell Hill lavender is perfect for cutting your own lavender and loves to allow visitors to do so. The lavender here even offers two different blooming seasons.

One of the lavender seasons here is from May-June, and the other one begins at the end of July and generally blooms through September!

Lavender isn’t the only product offered by Chappell Hill though. They also have fruit trees and blackberry bushes!

Lacey Farms

The small Texas town of Burton, TX is home to Lacey Farms. Lacey Farms not only grows lavender, but is also a great wedding venue!

This commercial lavender farm has grown throughout the years and now has products in stores like Kroger!

So on your next visit to the grocery store, see if you can find Lacey’s lavender essential oils, bath salts, or scrubs!

Lavender Farms in West Texas

Thistle Dew Lavender Farm

The dry lands of West Texas are great for growing lavender, and Thistle Dew proves that!

Located just east of Lubbock, Thistle Dew grows over 2,500 lavender plants that are just begging for you to visit.

Plan a trip here during their blooming season which occurs mid-May through June and you will be rewarded with incredible blooms and smells of lavender!

Be sure and explore the culinary products such as their lavender spices during your visit to the farm. And don’t leave without grabbing some of their lavender teas and bath products also!

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Rockin’ H Lavender Farm

You would be amiss if you didn’t visit Rockin’ H Lavender, located in the small town of Santa Anna, Texas.

Rockin H’ is the product of a husband and wife team that has been producing lavender from their Texas lavender fields since 2014.

Since both Spanish and Grosso lavender are planted at Rockin’ H, there is a longer blooming season on this Texas lavender farm.

If you want to enjoy the Spanish lavender, which products a dark purple flower and is super fragrant, then plan your visit from late June through the middle of May. This lavender is also attractive to butterflies, so you might get some incredible photos!

If you prefer a fragrant lavender that makes dark blue flowers, then Grosso lavender is for you and you will find it blooming from late May into the middle of June on this farm.

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North Texas Lavender Farms

Lavender Ridge Farms

Lavender growing is new to the North Texas area as the colder climate has made it a little more challenging to grow lavender.

There is one lavender grower in this area though, Lavender Ridge Farms.

Located just about an hour north of Dallas, Texas, Lavender Ridge Farms is a quick and easy weekend getaway from Dallas!

Peak lavender season, which occurs May-July at this local lavender field, will allow you to cut your own fresh lavender and enjoy the beautiful flowers at this aromatic lavender farm.

Lavender Ridge offers 2-acres of lavender plants and fresh herbs for you to enjoy during your visit.

Don’t miss an opportunity to visit the Lavender Café that is on site and cool off with their lavender tea or lavender lemonade. Try pairing it with a lavender honey chicken salad sandwich also!

After you have cooled off, then check out the farm’s gift shop where you can purchase a variety of Texas lavender products including lavender room sprays, lavender bath products, and more!

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Best Lavender Festivals in Texas

North Texas Lavender Festival

You will find the North Texas Lavender Festival taking place when the local lavender is being harvested toward the end of June.

Here, you can enjoy loads of lavender treats, craft vendors, and more!

The festival lasts for two days and is a great addition to your Texas lavender events.

Blanco Lavender Festival

Blanco is known as the ”Lavender Capital of Texas,’ so, of course, there is going to be a yearly festival happening here.

The ‘Lavender Capital of Texas’ welcomes visitors to this festival that occurs in mid-June every year.

The Blanco Lavender Festival is the perfect opportunity to not only shop at the lavender market for great lavender products, but to also learn more about lavender production.

Combine all of the beautiful handmade lavender products with the live cooking demonstrations and it is no wonder that this popular lavender festival is such a hit with locals and visitors.

Honestly, the annual Blanco Lavender Festival is a festival that you will love to attend again and again.

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Becker Vineyards Lavender Festival

Becker Vineyards hosts an annual festival the first weekend in May every year showcasing the fragrant rows of lavender.

This annual lavender festival allows you to stroll through the lavender fields in Texas enjoying the aromatic lavender in the early summer.

Of course, you can also purchase lavender products during your time at this famous lavender festival. The products sold at the farm store include bath products, face masks, sprays, and more.

This festival often coincides with bluebonnet blooming season. Since this area is bluebonnet country, this makes for a great Texas road trip!

Guests speakers are often on site to help you to learn more about growing lavender and the benefits of using lavender products.

Combine that with the live music, many vendors, and a Lavender Luncheon paired with wine, and you have an incredible Texas festival!

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