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30 Fun Things to do in Fredericksburg TX

Right in the heart of the Texas Hill Country sits the charming and historic small town of Fredericksburg, Texas, in Gillespie County. 

According to Southern Living Magazine, Fredericksburg, TX, is a hot spot for people all over the United States.

Known for its unique German heritage and many great wineries, the city is also home to great outdoor activities, loads of shopping, and great restaurants.

We love visiting Fredericksburg and find ourselves there several times a year.

About 1.5 hours outside of Austin and not far from San Antonio, Fredericksburg is a great town for a weekend getaway from the big city and an easy day trip from Austin.

Let’s look at some of the fun things to do in Fredericksburg, TX!

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Things to do in Fredericksburg, TX

Enchanted Rock

the pink granite rock that is Enchanted Rock State Park is one of the things to do in Fredericksburg, TX

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area should definitely be on your list of things to do in Fredericksburg, Texas, year-round.

Located about 20 miles outside of Fredericksburg, Enchanted Rock State Park is one of the most popular hiking and photography areas in the Texas Hill Country and a popular road trip

Today, visitors can enjoy hiking, camping, rock climbing on the massive pink granite dome, picnicking, and enjoying some of the best stargazing around while visiting Enchanted Rock.  

Of course, the park is one of the top attractions near Fredericksburg, Texas; it is extremely busy on the weekend, so make sure to make your reservations and pack a picnic.

Be sure to visit the Enchanted Rock website for the most up-to-date information while planning your trip to Texas Hill Country.

Old Tunnel State Park

bats flying in the sky-one of the things to do in Fredericksburg TX

Watching the Mexican free-tailed bats take flight from the historical Old Tunnel State Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Fredericksburg.

The park, home to over three million Mexican free-tailed bats, is an old abandoned railroad tunnel that once belonged to the Northern Railway.

Head to the park before sunset to see the bats head out on their nightly flight.

If you’re a nature lover, this exhilarating experience at Old Tunnel State Park tops the list of things to do in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Please note that the tunnel is a protected area for bats, so entry is forbidden.

Old Tunnel State Park is just one of the best places to see bats in Texas

Fredericksburg Pioneer Museum

Down on the west end of downtown Main Street, you will find the family-friendly Fredericksburg Pioneer Museum

The 3-acre complex that makes up the Pioneer Museum is home to 11 historic buildings from the original small-town authentic German immigrants.

While taking one of the self-guided tours of the Pioneer Museum, pay attention to the historic 19th-century German homes, a church, and buildings.

Visitors also get to see a vast collection of 19th-century German artifacts at the center of the Museum.

Pick Peaches

peaches hanging from the tree in a Fredericksburg peach orchard

The orchards near Fredericksburg and in the Texas Hill Country produce 40 percent of the state’s peaches.

So, if you find yourself near or visiting Fredericksburg in the summer, enjoy picking some peaches before tasting everything made with peaches.

The peaches here are great and one of the best things around (especially the peach ice cream), so don’t miss trying them!

Das Peach Haus

Things to do in Fredericksburg, TX-Das Peach House

Another thing to do in Fredericksburg, Texas, is hang out at the Das Peach Haus store. 

This cute store, located not far from Main Street, has century-old buildings dating back to the German immigrants.

If you’re a peach lover, Das Peach Haus is a great place since they have everything you can think of made from the best peaches, even ice cream!

girl by peach truck-one of the things to do in Fredericksburg TX

Rockbox Theater

The former warehouse turned live music venue, Rockbox Theater, has entertained Fredericksburg since 2007.

Located just off Main Street, the Rockbox Theater initially focused on live music from the 50s and 60s but has since evolved to welcome bands and comedians for you to watch.

Museum of the Pacific War

I have often wondered why a National museum like the National Pacific War Museum is located in the small town of Fredericksburg, Texas. 

So, I did a little research on the history and discovered that Admiral Nimitz, a leader in the battles of World War II in the Pacific, was from Fredericksburg.

The property that the National Museum of the Pacific War occupies was once home to the Nimitz Steamboat Hotel, a hotel in town that Admiral Nimitz owned and operated on this site on Main Street.

The National Museum of the Pacific War focuses on the battles of World War II.

When you explore the Museum of the Pacific War, you will notice that it contains world-class artifacts, some of which are directly from the Pacific War combat zone.

See the memorial and Japanese Garden of Peace during your visit.

The Japanese Garden of Peace was a gift from Japan and serves as a reminder of the friendship between Japan and the United States.

Don’t miss the Japanese Garden of Peace while visiting the Museum of the Pacific War.

Shop on Main Street

shopping on main is one of the things to do in Fredericksburg, TX and part of your guide to Fredericksburg

Shopping is one of the best things to do in Fredericksburg, Texas. 

Fredericksburg’s main shopping lies on each side of Main Street and is easy to walk around.

Located inside the beautiful historic buildings along this stretch of Main Street, you will find cute specialty stores selling jewelry, home goods, clothing, and art.

samples from Trader Bob's is one of the best things to do in Fredericksburg

Stay at a Fabulous Bed and Breakfast

One of the most romantic things in Fredericksburg, Texas, is to stay with your sweetie at a fabulous bed and breakfast. 

Fredericksburg’s Main Street is lined with bed and breakfasts. 

They range from century-old German houses to cottages, so you will surely find one that suits your style and is near downtown and the wineries on Wine Road 290.

Wildseed Farms

wildseed farms is one of the things to do in Fredericksburg, TX

Wildseed Farms is another of the many great things to do in Fredericksburg, TX, and is a photography hot spot. 

This wildflower farm is home to numerous Texas flower and plant species.

The goal at Wildseed Farms is to grow wildflowers for seed production so that Texas wildflowers, including bluebonnets, can continue for generations to come! 

Visit their website for more information on the wildflower farm.

Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park

Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park is a 150-acre park with all the features you would need for a great day out in nature.

This family-friendly park houses numerous pavilions for visitors to enjoy, a lake to fish in, sports courts, hiking trails, and a playground on-site! 

Visitors in the summer months will also find a public swimming pool!

Since it is located about 3 miles outside of town, it is easy to visit. So pack a picnic and head out.

Fredericksburg Theatre Company

For over twenty years, the Fredericksburg Theatre Company has been producing live theatre in the small Texas town of Fredericksburg. 

Performances range from live musicians (including country music) to full-scale Broadway-style productions. 

You can watch a show at the Theatre Company on the weekends if you’re in town. 

Take a Texas Wine Tour

Fiesta Winery-Texas bucket list and things to do in Fredericksburg TX

Texas is quickly becoming a wine destination, and Fredericksburg is definitely a wine country!

Wineries are popping up everywhere in the Texas Hill Country, especially along Highway 290, nicknamed “Wine Road 290”.

Highway 290 is a 30-mile stretch of road that runs from Johnson City to Fredericksburg and is home to over 30 wineries, with more appearing daily, making it one of the top trip attractions.

Consider taking a guide tour with the Fredericksburg wine tour or hopping on the Wine Road 290 shuttle bus when you are ready to sample some fabulous Texas wines.

Of course, the wine shuttle is an extra cost, but it is worth it!

The wineries near Fredericksburg also host a wine trail a few times a year.

Participating in the wine trail events is one of the best things to do as it allows you to try several Fredericksburg, TX wineries.

Honestly, wineries are the most popular things to do in Fredericksburg, Texas!

Vereins Kirche Museum

The Vereins Kirche Museum is located right on Fredericksburg’s Main Street in the Marktplatz.

Vereins Kirche was built on this site in the Marktplatz by some of the first German settlers that founded Fredericksburg, Texas. 

This structure has served as the town hall, a school, a fort, and an old-style church, and a general store.

Although the original town hall building at the Vereins Kirche Museum was demolished in the late 1800s, it was rebuilt in 1935 to the building you see today in the Marktplatz. 

Located right in the center of Marktplatz, visitors to the Vereins Kirche Museum get to see a glimpse of Fredericksburg’s past by visiting the family-friendly museum that is housed inside.

The Marktplatz is also home pavilions, picnic areas, a playground, and more.

The Marktplatz is also where Oktoberfest and other festivals are hosted.

Of course, the Vereins Kirche Museum as well as Fredericksburg’s other museums are some of the best things to see in the Hill Country, so take time to check them out while visiting Fredericksburg.

Enjoy Some German Restaurants and a Biergarten

Like we said before, Fredericksburg, TX was founded by German settlers, so it is only fitting that you take in some of the German cultures while you are visiting.

We can’t think of a better way to experience a culture than through food and restaurants! 

Explore some of the German heritage that Fredericksburg has to offer by popping into one of the many German restaurants and biergartens that you will find around town.

Some nights you will even find live music!

Explore History at the Texas Rangers Heritage Center

The 12-acre complex that is the Texas Rangers Heritage Center is housed near Fredericksburg, TX on Highway 290.

This complex, which supports a wide range of events, was built to honor those that serve. 

Visitors can come for campfire stories, living history re-enactments, and walking tours to learn how the Texas Rangers helped to guard the first forts in Texas.

This is a great addition to your small town itinerary.

Visit a Painted Church

Now, the historic painted churches aren’t directly in Fredericksburg, but they are in the Texas Hill Country that is near to Fredericksburg. 

Originally built between 1830 and 1900, the famous churches are called the “pained churches” because they are uniquely designed and painted with elaborate faux finishes inside.

There are 20 painted churches scattered around miles of the Texas Hill Country that welcome visitors for tours.

All of the churches have been listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, making them one of the top attractions here.

Visiting the churches is an easy day trip from San Antonio or any place in central Texas.

Tour Fort Martin Scott

Located a few miles east of Fredericksburg on Highway 290, visitors will find the historic Army complex, Fort Martin Scott. 

Fort Martin Scott was in operation from 1848-1853 when it was used as a military operation both before and after the Civil War. 

This self-guided tour allows visitors to see several of the original settler’s buildings.

The original garrison building, a late 1800s farm shed, and three reproduction garrison buildings are all part of the complex and available for visitors to tour.

Twice a year Fort Martin Scott hosts live re-enactments to allow visitors to “live” history.

Visit “Tuscany in Texas” at Grape Creek Vineyards and Winery

Grape Creek Vineyards is one of the Fredericksburg Vineyards to visit

When I first read “Tuscany in Texas”, I giggled a little.

 I wondered how any place in Texas could dare compare themselves to my beloved Italy.

I have to admit though, Grape Creek Vineyards and Winery is the closest thing to Tuscany that I have seen in Texas. 

From the towering Cypress trees, a favorite in Tuscany, to acres of sprawling vineyards, this did have a Tuscan feel.

Drive the Willow City Loop

field in Texas during a drive on the Willow City Loop-one of the things to do in Fredericksburg

Just outside of Fredericksburg, you will find the scenic drive that is the Willow City Loop in Gillespie County. 

The landscape around the Willow City Loop is quite interesting.

The terrain changes from pastures and gently rolling hills to dramatic canyons and meandering streams, often dotted with flowers.

This makes this 13-mile stretch a breathtaking drive in comparison to most other parts of Texas.

While the drive is gorgeous year-round, it is at its best during the spring and summer (March-May) when the Texas wildflowers, especially the Texas bluebonnets, are in bloom. 

Admire the Texas Wildflowers

Texas bluebonnets-Texas bucket list

Spring in Fredericksburg means that the countryside comes alive with beautiful Texas wildflowers. 

Visit between March and May to see sunflowers, Indian paintbrushes, poppies, and Texas bluebonnets.

Honestly, Texas wildflowers are definitely one of the favorite things to see in this area.

There are so many wildflowers near Fredericksburg that you will easily find some during your springtime trip!

Visit the Fredericksburg Herb Farm

Now, don’t let the name fool you, the Fredericksburg Herb Farm is much more than fields of herbs. 

They do grow their own herbs which they use in their restaurant, but there is so much more to the Fredericksburg Herb Farm than just that.

Here visitors will find a fabulous spa facility and shop for you to relax at while on your trip.

You can also pick up the perfect Texas souvenir in their gift shop before retiring to one of their fabulous cottages!

The Fredericksburg Herb Farm is also near downtown, making it a great place to come and relax.

Enjoy One Of the Fun Festivals

Large beer stein at the Fredericksburg Octoberfest

Fredericksburg hosts many great festivals throughout the year.

In the summer months, you will find the Gillespie County Fair and a rodeo, both of which are near downtown. 

For a full calendar of events, check out the Fredericksburg, TX website.


Luchenback should be on your list of day trips from Austin

The tiny town of Luckenbach was made famous by a Texas county music legend and is located near Fredericksburg, so you might as well visit while you’re here. 

Luckenbach is a short trip outside of Fredericksburg, and should definitely be on your list of fun things to do in Fredericksburg, TX.

Luckenbach has hosted the top names in live country music for years and continues to do that still today.

While you’re visiting, be sure to grab a Texas beer from the bar, browse the general store, and then hang out to absorb the country atmosphere and live music!

girl and guy playing guitars on the Luckenbach Texas stage

Tour a German Brewery

If you are driving on Highway 290 east of Fredericksburg, you are sure to notice the Altstadt Brewery. 

This award-winning brewery combines old-world brewing practices with modern technology to create its fabulous beer.

Grab a beer while visiting this German brewery so you can experience more of Fredericksburg’s German heritage.

Visitors can take a guided tour the facility daily for free before enjoying eating some German food in their on-site restaurant. 

They can also enjoy their huge outdoor patio or maybe catch some live music.

Visit a Local Distillery

While Fredericksburg is known to have great Texas wine, there are also several great distilleries near Fredericksburg that welcome visitors.

One of our local favorites is the Garrison Brothers Distillery where every bottle of Texas-style bourbon is made with pride from Texas distillers.

After your tour, head to their bar to do a tasting or order a cocktail. 

Find a Treasure at Fredericksburg Trade Days Sunday Farms

The third weekend of every month brings about the Fredericksburg Trade Days. 

Located on Highway 290 is Sunday Farms, Fredericksburg Trade Days are the perfect place to find you a little Texas treasure.

The trade days contain over 350 vendors and small shops selling antiques, food, candles, jewelry, clothing, and more.

The shops are quite eclectic and fun with a wide variety of goods.

Take a break in the outdoor Biergarten and enjoy some yummy “fair food” while here also.

The Trade Days grounds are near Wildseed Farm, so you won’t miss them while on your trip.

Tour the “Texas White House”

Planning a trip to Texas or just wanting to escape the city? Then this post is for you! Check out the 15 Texas towns on this post that help you to explore the great big state of Texas! Whether you're looking for a girl's getaway or a romantic weekend, we have you covered!/Fredericksburg/Grapevine/Boerne/Granbury/West/Gruene/Dripping Springs/Dublin/Luckenbach/Marble Falls/New Braunfels/Wimberley/Salado/Port Isabel/Johnson City/Texas small towns

East of Fredericksburg toward Johnson City, takes you to the “Texas White House”, the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park and working ranch.

President Lyndon B. Johnson was born and raised in this area of the Hill Country so it is only fitting that the Texas White House be here.

Stop in at the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Park and Visitors Center to get a permit and map indicating the tour route in order to access the beautiful ranch grounds that house the Texas White House.

On the property, you will find several historic buildings, a working ranch, a farm, parks, a church, the Texas White House, and the Lyndon B. Johnson Family Cemetery welcoming having visitors.

This is one of the historic things to see in Fredericksburg and a truly great National Museum.

Visit the Art Galleries

Fredericksburg is home to several great local artists that love to show off their work. 

There are several art galleries near Fredericksburg and many are located right on downtown Main Street.

Most art galleries showcase local art and photography from the Texas Hill Country, making these galleries of the great things to see in the area.

Go Antique Shopping

silver antique set-antique shopping is one of the things to do in Fredericksburg

Antique lovers will definitely want antique shopping to be on their list of things to do in Fredericksburg, TX. 

Of course, if you are visiting during the third weekend of the month, then you can antique shop at the Fredericksburg Trade Days mentioned above.

If you are visiting during other times of the month, don’t worry, you can still get your fill of antique shopping at places like The Red Baron antique store.

The Red Baron is a huge antique mall that has a large selection of reasonably priced goods.

There are also a few antique shops on Fredericksburg’s Main Street.

Final Thoughts on Things to do in Fredericksburg, TX

As you can see, there are so many fun things to do in Fredericksburg, TX

Give Fredericksburg and the Hill Country a try, and then comment below and tell us what your favorite thing to do in Fredericksburg, Texas is.

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Sunday 5th of September 2021

I Live in the area and this is a great round up of things to do in FBG. I also particularly enjoy a leisurely drive on Ranch Road 1 alongside the Pedernales River near Stonewall, where you can still see the old guard house and river crossing that LBJ used when he lived here. (Also, longhorns!) And the National Park has a nice living history farm - Sauer Beckmann - that kids and adults would enjoy.


Sunday 12th of September 2021

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. Fredericksburg is such a fabulous area! We have to add that drive to our itinerary next time for sure!

Didi Schiele-Lazar

Sunday 18th of July 2021

Followed your link to get $50 off Airb&b. How does it work? We'd like to book a room and they're going fast!


Monday 19th of July 2021

As soon as you book a qualifying room then your credit will appear. :)


Sunday 24th of January 2021

Great post! I've never been but its not too too far away from me so I'd love to add it to my long weekend list. Thanks for sharing these great tips!


Sunday 24th of January 2021

That is so great to hear. We love Fredericksburg so much! I hope you get to visit soon!


Sunday 24th of January 2021

Wow, you have so many amazing ideas! Now, I'm deffinetely adding it to my travel list, I want to go there now. Thank you for sharing this list guys!


Sunday 24th of January 2021

Thank you for reading. We are so glad you enjoyed it!

Ummi Nadrah

Sunday 24th of January 2021 exciting! I'll make sure to visit in summer when the peaches are in season. Where I come from, peaches are a luxury.


Sunday 24th of January 2021

Yes! We love peaches!