Oh, the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas!  Honestly, the energy of this city can be addicting!  While Vegas is most famous for its gambling scene, there is so much more to this fabulous town, especially for you and your significant other.  There are so many things to do in Las Vegas for couples that you might just skip the casinos altogether.  I know, highly unlikely, but trust me when I tell you that you can easily accomplish a romantic getaway in Las Vegas.  

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Things to do in Las Vegas for Couples

1.  Helicopter Tour Over the Las Vegas Strip

You know that the Las Vegas lights look great from the ground, so imagine how fabulous they must look from above.  You and your honey will love being greeted with a glass of champagne before being swept away in a helicopter to tour the Las Vegas strip from above!  Of course, you want to do your helicopter tour at night to ensure that you get the best view of the lights!

An aerial view of Las Vegas is a great thing to do in Las Vegas for couples.

2.  Helicopter Tour Over the Grand Canyon

Instead of viewing the lights of the Las Vegas strip, you might opt for a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon instead.  This tour is a fabulous thing to do in Las Vegas for couples.  You travel in complete luxury with a limousine pickup before being whisked off to McCarran airport where you will depart, taking a scenic flight to the Grand Canyon West Rim getting a birds-eye view of Las Vegas, Lake Mead, and the Hoover Dam!  Once arriving at the Grand Canyon, you get to land below the rim and enjoy a champagne toast and light snacks.  If that isn’t a romantic thing to do in Las Vegas, I don’t know what is!

Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon is definitely a romantic thing to do in Las Vegas

3.  Hot Air Balloon Ride

I don’t know if anything is more romantic than a ride in a hot air balloon!  Sour with your sweetie in the Las Vegas air with this 3-hour hot air balloon tour which takes you over Red Rock Canyon, and the surrounding neighborhoods, while also giving you fabulous views of the Las Vegas strip.

Find Your Perfect Helicopter, Plane, Or Hot Air Balloon Tour here!

4.  Attend a Las Vegas Show

Las Vegas features world-class entertainers that never disappoint. This is a perfect thing to do in Las Vegas for couples who have spent a long day exploring the city and just want an evening to unwind!  Honestly, a Las Vegas show is a must-do and something you will always remember!

Popular shows include:

You can find the perfect show for you and your loved one here or purchase the Las Vegas Go Card and several Las Vegas shows are included!

5.  Exotic Car Driving Experience

If your honey is an adrenaline junkie, then they will love an exotic car driving experience at the Las Vegas Speedway!  You get hands-on instruction before getting behind the wheel of a luxurious sports car!

Things to do in Las Vegas for couples could include a drive in an exotic car.

6.  Rent a Limo

Get dressed up and take your significant other out for a night that they will never forget!  Cruise one of the world’s most famous boulevards in style when you rent a limo for the night!  Pop a bottle of champagne as your professional driver takes you up and down the Vegas strip, to the Las Vegas sign, and to historic downtown Las Vegas.  Stop anywhere along the way to enjoy the slots, dinner, or to grab some friends! 

You could splurge a little more and have the limo with a professional photographer for the evening.  Have fun allowing your personal photographer to document your evening in this romantic thing to do in Las Vegas!

7.  Go on a Food Tour

If your loved one is a foodie, then a Las Vegas food tour should definitely be on the list of things to do in Las Vegas for couples.  Las Vegas is known for its world-class cuisine, so why not partake in that while you’re in town? 

You could opt for a walking food tour on the strip or a food tour in downtown Las Vegas, whichever area you prefer!  Marty and I loved doing the Secret Food Tour in Dublin, so I was super excited to find they now also do a Secret Food Tour in Las Vegas!

8.  Take a Cooking Class

Cooking with your loved one is so fun and doing it in Las Vegas just adds to the fun!  Choose a fun cooking class and bond with your baby over food!  If you’ve never participated in a cooking class then you’re in for a treat.  Enjoy creating a masterpiece while laughing and drinking wine all under the watchful eye of an expert chef.  This is sure to be added to your list of romantic things to do in Las Vegas!

9.  Stratosphere Observation Deck

The observation deck high atop the Stratosphere is another great thing to do in Las Vegas for couples.  Let’s just say that many proposals have taken place on this observation deck.  I mean, with the glistening Las Vegas strip in the background, who would say no?

If you’re not in the market for a proposal, then go just to see the stunning views of the city and snap some great pictures.

Adrenaline seekers can also enjoy the many rides that are poised at the top of the Stratosphere like the Big Shot, X Scream, and the Insanity.  If these sound like a little too much for you, then enjoy the observation deck before grabbing a cocktail in the Air Bar.

Get tickets to the Stratosphere Observation Deck here, or purchase the Las Vegas Go Card and this attraction will be included!

10.  Take a Gondola Ride

Granted you aren’t in Venice, but it can feel like you have been transported there by going on a gondola ride through the canals of the beautiful Venetian Hotel. 

Floating under the bridges and beside the beautiful cafes and vibrant streets of the Grand Canal is sure to please your loved one.  Enjoy the live serenade and take in sights of the meticulously recreated Venetian streets, or enjoy an outdoor ride in the open-air canals located right on the Las Vegas strip.

Gondolas at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas is guaranteed to be a romantic thing to do in Las Vegas!

11.  Do a Bar Crawl

Get off of the strip and head down to Freemont Street for a night of fun.  Participating in this bar crawl allows you to skip the lines and head straight inside to enjoy the party.  You also get discounted drink specials to help you save money while on your night out.  You can’t beat that!

dome covering a street with a laser show portraying on the dome with casino signs lighting up both sides of the street

12.  Go On a Dinner Cruise

How about taking a romantic dinner cruise on Lake Mead?  You and your honey will enjoy a 2-hour dinner cruise aboard a 3-level paddlewheel boat that includes a 3-course dinner and a champagne toast.  Not only that, but you don’t have to worry about transportation to Lake Mead because this tour includes pick up and drop off at most Las Vegas hotels!


13.  Tour the Fabulous Hotels

I love how each of the Las Vegas hotels has it’s own unique theme and set of attractions to draw visitors.  You and your honey will have lots of fun visiting the fabulous hotels of Las Vegas. 

Take time to tour the different hotels to see what they have to offer.  You will find hidden jewels in each one.  The Bellagio boasts a gorgeous glass ceiling and a beautiful conservatory that changes with the seasons while the Golden Nugget houses a shark tank!

touring the Bellagio Hotel is a great thing to do in Las Vegas for couples

14.  Visit the Neon Museum

Believe it or not, the Neon Museum can be a romantic thing to do in Las Vegas.  The guided tour takes about an hour so it leaves you plenty of time to do something else afterward.  For the coolest experience, visit at night when you can see the refurbished signs lit up in all of their glory.

15.  Have Cocktails in a Swanky Lounge

There are so many fabulous places in Las Vegas to enjoy cocktails.  The Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan Hotel is a multi-level bar housing three different bar experiences.  Each level has a completely different feel and a unique drink menu.  Check out their latest features here.

Chandelier Bar is a very romantic thing to do in Las Vegas

So there you have it, our list of 15 Things to do in Las Vegas for Couples.  Trust me when I tell you there are so many more!  Comment below and let us know about the romantic things you have done in Las Vegas!




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Planning a trip to Las Vegas for you and your loved one? Well you're in the right place! Check out our list of 15 Things to do in Las Vegas for Couples! #lasvegas #couplestravel #itinerary #thingstodoinlasvegas #romanticthingstodoinlasvegas #romantictravel #vegas

Planning a trip to Las Vegas for you and your loved one? Well you're in the right place! Check out our list of 15 Things to do in Las Vegas for Couples! #lasvegas #couplestravel #itinerary #thingstodoinlasvegas #romanticthingstodoinlasvegas #romantictravel #vegas

Planning a trip to Las Vegas for you and your loved one? Well you're in the right place! Check out our list of 15 Things to do in Las Vegas for Couples! #lasvegas #couplestravel #itinerary #thingstodoinlasvegas #romanticthingstodoinlasvegas #romantictravel #vegas

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  1. I absolutely loved Las Vegas! I have many friends saying they didn’t think it was anything special, but I would not mind coming back 🙂 Great tips!

    • Thank you so much! We have been to Las Vegas several times. It’s a quick and inexpensive getaway from Dallas so we tend to go back on long weekends. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Sophie. I hope you get to visit Las Vegas soon!

  2. Great list! I did a helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon and loved it. Next time, I want to try the Lake Mead dinner cruise.

    • Thanks, Anisa! I love that you did one of the activities we mentioned and liked it!!

  3. I’ve always wanted to visit Las Vegas and taking a helicopter over the Grand Canyon is definitely on my list!! I love this post you’ve put together

    • Thank you so much, Summer! I hope you get to do that soon. The Grand Canyon is really amazing.