About That Texas Couple

That Texas Couple

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

Saint Augustine

I know, I know, the quote is a little kitschy, but it summarizes how we feel about travel. Travel is unpredictable, intoxicating, and downright addicting.  It helps to recharge and refocus the heart and mind.  In my opinion, life without travel is not living at all.  Travel is about setting aside time frames and itineraries, taking the time to enjoy the culture, the people and just being in the moment. Hi!  We are Marty and Michelle, That Texas Couple!  Since you’re here, let me tell you a little about us…..


Our history in a nutshell:

  • Marty and I met when I was in high school!
  • We dated for 3+ years
  • Sadly, we broke up when I moved to college
  • Life took us in separate directions for a while
  • We reconnected after years, then picked up where we left off, only better!  We are older, wiser and more mature (well, sometimes).
  • Got married!

Who We Are Now

Our first year back together, Marty and I visited all three U.S. coastlines in one summer.  We both already had a love for travel, but this whirlwind trip sparked a fire in us that we vowed to let burn.  Since then, we have had the opportunity to travel and explore so many places. Now, don’t get me wrong, we have to fund these trips.  Marty and I are not digital nomads, nor are we full-time bloggers (not yet at least, hopefully, one day.)  We are everyday people, just like you.  Actually, both of us are full-time public servants. We love to serve others and our community, but we also LOVE to travel.  Our belief is that adventure can be found right outside your door, or halfway around the world!   Like I mentioned above, we work full time, yet still enjoy a life of travel.  We vow to make the most of every possible available moment, and you can too!  Our hope is that this site will help you to do just that!  By sharing our stories, tips, and tricks, we want to inspire you to go explore the world! What?  Do you want to know more?  OK….

Quirky Facts About Us:

  • We love to drive fast cars.
  • I have been zip lining in 5 countries and hope to keep adding to the list.
  • Marty and I LOVE good food.
  • We are adrenaline junkies
  • Drinking wine makes me happy.
  • Marty used to make thousands of pizzas a week, but now he doesn’t seem to want to make me one ever.  LOL
  • I try really hard to learn new languages but have yet to be successful.
  • Marty is one of the most laid back people you will ever meet-it’s true.
  • We understand that going to the tourist sites is fun (and we do that), but we really enjoy discovering how the locals live and getting off of the beaten path.
  • Our favorite color is red!
  • We can both roll our tongue.  Weird, I know!


So far, we’ve repelled down waterfalls in Mexico, stood in awe of the Roman ruins, stayed in a castle in Scotland, ate gelato in Venice, sipped wine in the Rhine Valley, partied on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, and escaped Alcatraz Island just to name a few things!  Our travels focus on history, cultural immersion, food, and of course, good wine.  Our blog showcases Marty’s beautiful photos with my writings in hopes to inspire you to travel all you can.  Join us to follow along on our journeys as we give you practical tips and advice to help make your travel dreams come true.  We’re glad you’re here!!!!