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73 Cheap Things To Do In Vegas That You Will Love

When I say Las Vegas, what comes to mind? 

Probably glitzy showgirls, lively casinos, expensive restaurants, and losing lots of money?! 

Well, that doesn’t have to be accurate. 

What if I told you there were also many free things to do in Las Vegas? 

There are also many cheap things to do in Vegas that are practically free.  LOL!

By checking off the items on this list and these Las Vegas travel hacks, you can save some serious money and still have a great time in fabulous Las Vegas.

It doesn’t matter if you are here for a Las Vegas girl’s trip or a romantic getaway; Las Vegas has something for everyone! 

That’s why Las Vegas should be on your couple’s bucket list!

There are so many free things to do in Las Vegas for couples; it’s crazy! 

And, of course,  these are all items you must do in Vegas for first-timers and make great things to do in Las Vegas this weekend and things to do in Las Vegas tonight! 

If you’re traveling to Las Vegas alone, don’t worry. There are many things to do in Las Vegas alone as well!

You can find some great tips in this Las Vegas travel guide, and of course, if you’re traveling with your significant other, you will want to read our  Las Vegas for Couples!

Interested in planning a road trip that includes Las Vegas? 

Start preparing today with this U.S. Travel Guide!

Believe it or not, there are low-cost vacations in Las Vegas, and you can usually find some of the best places to stay on Vegas on a budget in this town.

If you want to save money during your visit to Las Vegas, consider checking out Las Vegas Perks. Las Vegas Perks offers tons of 2-for-1 coupon deals.

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    Cheap Things to Do in Las Vegas

    Watch the Bellagio Fountain Show

    Bellagio hotel in the background with fountains spraying up from a pond in front of it is one of the cheap things to do in Las Vegas

    The Bellagio Fountain show is one of the top attractions in Las Vegas because they are just awesome.

    I love watching the Bellagio fountains perform their choreographed state-of-the-art dance! 

    And so does everyone else, as every time we have come to watch the family-friendly fountain show, it is super crowded.

    That’s OK; it’s so worth it, as this is one of the best experiences in Las Vegas, in our opinion.

    Grab your spot and enjoy the magic on the Las Vegas strip. 

    The Bellagio fountains put on their show right in front of the Bellagio.

    The Bellagio Fountain show times remain constant, every 30 minutes from 3-8 p.m. Monday-Friday, and then every 15 minutes from 8 pm-midnight.

    On Saturdays, the show starts at noon, and then on Sunday, the fountains come alive at 11 a.m., so adding this to your Las Vegas sightseeing list is easy.

    This is truly one of the best things in Vegas!

    For more information, visit the Bellagio website.

    If you’re looking for a place to stay in Las Vegas, then the Bellagio tops our list of the best hotels in Las Vegas for couples.

    View Garage Art in Las Vegas

    You read that correctly; garage art should be on your list of Vegas attractions tonight.

    The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas has allowed artists to use the walls of their parking garage as a canvas.

    The murals by graffiti artists will make you realize that the Cosmopolitan isn’t just an ordinary Las Vegas hotel.

    See the Blarney Stone In Las Vegas

    You don’t have to travel to Ireland to see the Blarney Stone.  Nope!  It is one of the fabulous Las Vegas free attractions!

    Instead, head to the D Hotel in Las Vegas to see this piece of the famous castle.

    You will find a piece of stone on the second floor on a table by the bar. 

    The sign in front of it asks that you rub the stone instead of kissing it. 

    You are in Las Vegas and not Ireland. LOL!

    Maybe it will bring you some Irish luck in Las Vegas!

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    Listen to Some Dueling Pianos in Las Vegas

    This is your chance if you’ve never seen a dueling piano show.

    The Piano Bar at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has just that. 

    The interactive piano show is enjoyable to experience as it is two twins competing for your attention.

    The show takes place nightly at 9:00 p.m.

    Add it to your list of the best things to do.

    Watch a Volcano Explode at the Mirage

    red and white flames shooting out of the top of a man made rock volcano at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas

    Did you ever think you could stand on the Las Vegas Strip and watch a volcano explode? 

    Well, you can when you add it to your list of cheap things to do in Las Vegas.

    Well, you can, right in front of the Mirage Hotel!

    The lagoon puts on quite a show with fire shooting out of the lagoon and the volcano.

    The show occurs daily at 7:00 and 8:00 p.m., adding a 9:00 p.m. eruption on Friday and Saturday nights. 

    Spend Some Time with Mimes

    On the “streets” of the Paris Hotel and Casino, you will find several mimes just waiting to entertain you. 

    I know it’s silly, but they are good and funny. 

    They reminded me of some of the street performers we saw on our trip to Paris, and they make you forget you’re in Sin City. LOL!

    Pair your pictures from here with our quotes about Paris.

    Visit Las Vegas Park

    Located between the New York, New York, and the Monte Carlo Hotels, Las Vegas Park is a great place to relax and people-watch. 

    After a long day in fabulous Las Vegas, we enjoyed grabbing a cold drink or coffee and relaxing in this area. 

    Check out the 40-foot-tall Bliss Dance sculpture before catching one of the many free park events. 

    Visit their page for more information.

    This is a great thing to do in Las Vegas!

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    Enjoy the Fremont Street Experience

    dome covering a street with a laser show portraying on the dome with casino signs lighting up both sides of the street

    If you’re asking yourself, is Las Vegas expensive?

    You won’t think so if you are in the center of downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, where you will find Fremont Street, a canopy-covered car-free area that will delight your senses.

    The Fremont Street Experience is incredible. 

    The canopy over the street comes alive with over two million lights and a state-of-the-art sound system entertaining guests worldwide.

    Walking around, you will notice “old Las Vegas” casinos surrounding it. 

    There are usually street performers and live music going on as well. 

    One of the best things to do without spending a dime.

    There are also great places to eat in Las Vegas on a budget in this area.

    Honestly, you only get a feeling like this in Sin City!

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    Visit the Marjorie Barrick Museum

    You’re probably wondering why I would send you to a college campus while you vacation in Las Vegas?!

    That’s because the Marjorie Barrick Museum is on UNLV’s campus.

    Don’t worry; it’s only three miles from the strip. 

    Here, you will enjoy great modern and contemporary art pieces while enjoying a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas.

    Another of the best things to do!

    See the Largest Selection of Western Boots

    Head to Sam’s Town Casino to check out the largest selection of western boots in Las Vegas.

    I thought I was back in Texas for a minute.  LOL!

    Take a Selfie at the Iconic Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

    couple  in front of the welcome to las vegas sign one of the cheap things to do in Vegas

    Be sure to head to the far south end of Las Vegas Boulevard and find the iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. 

    Granted, you might have to wait your turn to participate as the area in front of the fabulous Las Vegas sign gets crowded with visitors.

    Nonetheless, it is one of the iconic Las Vegas free things to do. 

    This picture with the Las Vegas sign is the perfect souvenir for your trip to Las Vegas.

    Consider:  Las Vegas Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

    Hike Red Rock Canyon

    Get out of the city and experience some of the Las Vegas terrains in Red Rock Canyon. 

    A hike is available for all ability levels, with several hikes and trails in Red Rock Canyon.

    This hike and viewing the rock formations is a nice little escape from Sin City and one of the great Vegas activities.

    Las Vegas and Red Rock Canyon are great for a southwest road trip! 

    Hiking is one of the best things to do in Las Vegas!

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    City Center Fine Art

    View the art collection in the City Center. 

    Their goal was to bring fine art to an urban destination like Las Vegas, and they did just that by populating their public spaces with some fantastic artwork.

    It’s funny that such fantastic artwork can be viewed for free.

    Visit the Eiffel Tower

    Paris hotel and Eiffel tower in Las Vegas

    Okay, so it’s not the real Eiffel Tower we saw in Paris, but it’s an excellent replica.

    You can take a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower, located on the Las Vegas Strip, or for a small fee, ride to the top of the 46 stories and get one of the best views of the Las Vegas Strip from their observation deck.

    Entirely inspired by the Eiffel Tower’s illuminations in France, the replica in Las Vegas has a free, recurring light show every 30 minutes on the hour and the half-hour from sunset to midnight. 

    The 300 color-changing and 800 strobe lights light up the Las Vegas skyline.

    The picture of you in front of the Eiffel Tower can be included with your list of free things to do, but the ride to the top costs, so it will have to be added to your list of the best things to do.

    The Eiffel Tower is in front of The Paris Hotel and Casino, a Las Vegas-style attraction.

    Witness the Fall of Atlantis at Caesars Palace

    This animated display of fire, water, and nine-foot-tall talking statues in Caesars Palace Forum, located right on the Las Vegas strip, will hold your attention. 

    The story is set in the kingdom of Atlantis, where King Atlas has to decide which of his children will overtake the throne. 

    And these siblings are in an actual Las Vegas-style family feud.

    Caesar’s Palace and this area get crowded once the show begins, and it can be hard to hear the characters, but it doesn’t matter. 

    You can make up your narrations. I mean, you are in sin city.

    Located near the Cheesecake Factory and the Nike store in Caesars Palace Forum, the show lasts about 10 minutes and takes place every hour on the hour, beginning at 11 a.m.

    Get Your Picture With a Showgirl

    Yes, you can get your picture with a showgirl! 

    Harrah’s Casino often has two or three showgirls ready to pose with whoever would like a picture.

    Of course, you should tip the ladies, so add this to your list of Las Vegas things to do.

    We love the Cirque du Soleil shows if you want to see a Las Vegas show.

    Cirque du Soleil offers numerous fun shows.

    You can find Cirque du Soleil shows ranging from the Beatles to a full show performed in the water!

    See the World’s Brightest Light Beam

    You can witness the World’s largest light beam in Las Vegas every night. 

    Just find The Luxor pyramid and look up. 

    It’s the most powerful light in the world!

    Visit a 55-Foot Flame Shooting Sculpture

    Head to the downtown container park at the Las Vegas entrance to check out a 55-foot flame-shooting praying mantis. 

    I don’t know what else to say about this.  LOL!

    Walk through the Botanical Gardens

    whimsical tree with a face in the Bellagio Gardens-

    The Conservatory and Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio change with every season. 

    The horticulturists bring the Conservatory to life with different themes and colors to match the season.

    The Bellagio Conservatory team transforms the 14,000-square-foot area several times a year.  

    Just head through the hotel lobby; you can’t miss the gorgeous display that awaits on the other side. 

    When the seasons and display changes, the plants and trees here are recycled to help the Earth even more.

    This is a true jewel in Las Vegas!

    And even better, The Botanical Gardens are open 24 hours a day! 

    This is one of the fun things to do in Las Vegas!

    Neon Museum

    old las vegas signs

    The Neon Museum is home to tons of old Las Vegas neon signs. 

    You will find signs from old casinos and other businesses around Las Vegas.

    Roam around and find your favorite in this vast Neon Graveyard.

    The Neon Museum also refurbishes old signs along the Fremont Street Experience.

    There is an entrance fee, but it’s a non-profit organization, so your money is going to a good cause in Las Vegas.

    Add this to your list of fun things to do in the city!

    Be Transported to Venice

    Hotels in Las Vegas go above and beyond, making you feel like you have been transported worldwide.

    The Venetian Hotel is not an exception to this rule.

    Outside, you get a taste of Venice.

    You can pay for a gondola ride if you want; note that the gondola rides aren’t cheap.

    Once inside, follow the canal that runs throughout the shops. 

    If you paid for a gondola ride, they will take you on these canals; if not, walk.

    Like in Venice, you will uncover lively piazzas with cafes connected by charming bridges. 

    Well, not totally, but it’s something, at least.

    We loved walking through the Venetian Hotel, experiencing the vast decor and the excellent street performers.

    To learn more about a gondola ride in Venice, check out our Venice post.

    Hang out at the Container Park

    The downtown Las Vegas container park is excellent for shopping, eating, and hanging out. 

    This 1.1-acre park is an entertainment mecca that welcomes over 2,000 visitors daily.

    You will first notice the 44-foot-tall praying mantis that shoots fireballs from its antennae. 

    The park is home to restaurants, bars, a gelato parlor, and shopping.  The kids will also love the playground that houses a 33-foot slide!

    They host free events, including concerts, variety shows, and movie nights. 

    Note that after 9 p.m., the Container Park is a Las Vegas adults-only venue.

    This is one of the best things to do in Las Vegas!

    Go Old School at the Pinball Hall of Fame

    Full of old-school pinball machines, this 10,000-square-foot museum will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. 

    The Pinball Hall of Fame collection ranges from the 1950s to the 1990s.

    Although you have to pay to play the machines (most only 25 cents), all the money goes to Las Vegas charity since this is a non-profit organization.

    One of the best things to do!

    See the Flamingos

    flamingos standing in a small pond

    Yes, it’s true; you can see real-life flamingos on the Las Vegas Strip.

    The Wildlife Habitat is home to exotic birds, fish, and flamingos in the Flamingo Hotel. 

    The Wildlife Habitat sits on 15 acres and is entirely free to see.

    The 15-acre habitat is open daily. 

    While here, take your picture with one of the parrots or see the daily feedings of the animals. 

    The pelicans are fed daily at 8:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

    This is a great, family-friendly attraction to add to your list of Vegas activities.

    Go Rock and Roll at the Hard Rock

    If you love rock and roll, you will love the collection of rock memorabilia at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

    The memorabilia includes instruments, outfits, and pictures from rock and roll legends, including Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, Guns N’ Roses, and Elvis!

    You can view the memorabilia for free 24 hours daily in Las Vegas.

    Explore M&M World

    sign containing giant hershey kisses and a hershey chocolate bar

    Get your M&M fix at M&M World on the strip.  With all things M&M, you’re bound to find something you love.

    If you don’t want to spend money, walk around and explore this large store devoted to M&M’s.

    Go to the Circus for Free!

    It’s true; you can see the circus for free in Las Vegas! Head to the Circus-Circus Hotel to see the performers fly through the air. 

    Performances start daily at 11:30 a.m. and include many different acts. 

    You can see people on the flying trapeze, aerial silk performances, clowns, and many other incredible acts. 

    See the World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain

    chocolate fountain in the Bellagio Hotel

    The Bellagio Chocolate Fountain in Las Vegas, Nevada, is home to this incredible chocolate fountain worldwide! 

    Once inside the Bellagio, head to the Jean Philippe Patisserie to observe this marvel. 

    I mean, can I jump into this fountain?  I doubt the employees would appreciate that, but I love the thought!

    Of course, after watching the fountain, be sure to splurge on a chocolate treat!

    See a Mermaid

    Again, there are all kinds of things in Las Vegas! 

    You can view a 117,000-gallon aquarium at the Silverton Casino that houses numerous tropical fish and mermaids.

    The mermaids swim several times daily, so click here for a current schedule.

    Visit a Chocolate Factory

    The Ethel M. Chocolate Factory is a great way to spend a few hours in Las Vegas.  Ethel M has been making chocolate for over 100 years.

    Take a self-guided tour of the Ethel M Chocolate Factory, and then take a self-guided tour of the cactus garden before you leave.

    Recommended Tour:  Walking Food Tour of Downtown Las Vegas

    Biggest Golden Nugget in Existence

    Located in downtown Las Vegas, inside The Golden Nugget Hotel, you will find the biggest golden nugget, the Hand of Faith.

    The Hand of Faith was found in 1980 when Kevin Hillier found it outside his hometown in Wedderburn, Australia. 

    The crazy part about this is the golden nugget was only about a foot underground! 

    He sold his chunk to the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas for over a million dollars!

    Today, you can see it on display at the hotel. 

    Visit “The Pawn Stars”

    An aerial view of Las Vegas is a great thing to add to your couples bucket list

    Gold and Silver Pawn in Las Vegas is home to the hit show on the History Channel, “The Pawn Stars.” 

    You can go inside and view their merchandise and, of course, take some photos outside.

    If you’re lucky, maybe you will meet some of the stars while you’re here.

    Have a Say in New TV Shows

    Located inside the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, the CBS Television City Research Center lets you have a say in what shows make it into your living room.

    Just grab a ticket at the MGM Grand Research Center entrance, watch your show, and voice your opinion.  It’s easy and free!

    Another of the best things to do in the city.

    Relax in the Hot Springs

    Head outside of Las Vegas a little and enjoy a hike to a fabulous natural hot spring. 

    Remember that parts of the hike are rather strenuous, so research before heading out toward the Colorado River.

    A popular hot spring is the Gold Strike Hot Springs

    This spring is in a set of cascading pools in the Colorado River. 

    Getting here is a little more complicated, so research before visiting.

    Stroll the Strip

    One of the best things to do is stroll along the strip. 

    Enjoy the excitement while visiting any local stores or restaurants you’d like.

    Be warned, though, that the Las Vegas strip is much longer than it appears. 

    Since crossing the street requires you to go upstairs and cross over a bridge, walking the strip takes a little longer than you might initially think. 

    Pace yourself and be sure and drink lots of water while visiting Las Vegas.

    Play Lawn Games

    The Gold Spike is an oversized adult playground in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

    You can hang out in the living room or the backyard and participate in all the fun that surrounds you.

    Whether you’re a giant beer pong, cornhole, or Twister fan, this place has it all! 

    Catch the Sunset Stampede at Sam’s Town

    Sam’s Town is located about 20 minutes away from the Vegas Strip. 

    The Sunset Stampede is a 10-minute laser light and fountain show with animatronics and a babbling brook. 

    Watch the Light Show at Bally’s

    The rooftop canopy over the Grand Bazaar Shops at Bally’s comes alive every night. 

    Set to custom-created music, this light show is highlighted by a Swarovski Crystal Starburst that soars above the Grand Baraaz Shops and can be seen from all over Las Vegas Boulevard.

    The show takes place nightly, every 15 minutes, beginning at 8:05.

    Visit Hershey Chocolate World

    Hershey Chocolate World has over 800 chocolates and candies in the Las Vegas New York Hotel and Casino. 

    I love that you get a free sample when you enter the store, so go as many times as you want while visiting Las Vegas!

    View Some Great Photography

    Located in The Linq Hotel in Las Vegas, The Polaroid Fotobar is a delight for shutterbugs. 

    Before touring the museum, you can upload, edit, and print photos on the first floor.

    The museum houses pictures of famous photographers holding up their favorite photos and many other fun photography exhibits throughout the decades. 

    For photography lovers, this is a great, cheap thing to do in Vegas.

    While at The Linq, you probably noticed the High Roller outside also.

    The High Roller is a 550-foot tall Ferris Wheel that welcomes visitors to enjoy a 30-minute ride and an open-air bar inside the High Roller cabins.

    There is a fee for this, so check prices before adding the High Roller to your list.

    Learn to Gamble

    Of course, the Las Vegas casinos will teach you to gamble. 

    How will they get your money if you don’t feel confident enough to play?

    Most casinos have lesson times; visit their website or ask at the information desk. 

    They will surely hook you up with free lessons, hoping you’ll spend money in Las Vegas casinos after that!

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    Experience a Thunderstorm

    Usually, we head inside to avoid a thunderstorm, but I’m telling you to do the opposite while in Las Vegas. 

    Head inside the Miracle Mile Shops to experience an interior thunderstorm!  LOL!

    See Shelby Mustangs

    Mustang enthusiasts will love to see the awesome collection of Shelby Mustangs. 

    Located in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada, the Shelby Heritage Center and Carroll Shelby Store are open seven days a week.

    Tours are free and do not require a reservation.

    See the Statue of Liberty

    statue of liberty stands in front of several buildings

    So it’s not the real Statue of Liberty, but it’s a great recreation and found right here in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

    You will see just that outside the New York New York Hotel and Casino.

    While here, explore the fun New York, New York hotel. 

    I mean, how many hotels in the world have a full-size roller coaster going through their lobby? 

    Not only that, but the restaurants inside are also themed after famous New York food establishments.

    Sample Whiskey at Vom Fass

    Located in The Grand Canal Shoppes in the Venetian, VOM FASS offers a free whiskey experience Thursday-Saturday at 7:00 p.m. 

    During the 45-minute class, participants learn about whiskey-making before tasting bourbon, Irish whiskey, and scotch.

    Now, that is an excellent afternoon in Las Vegas!

    View the Art Collection at the Aria

    The Aria Hotel in Las Vegas houses the first permanent fine art collection in Las Vegas. 

    Here, you can enjoy works by world-famous artists such as Henry Moore, Frank Stella, and Richard Long.

    You will enjoy seeing all forms of media while strolling through this beautiful collection.

    Admire the Glass Ceiling of the Bellagio

    hundreds of colorful glass flowers suspended from the ceiling

    While inside the lobby of the gorgeous Bellagio, look up! 

    Over your head, you will see over 2,000 colorful hand-blown glass sculptures.

    These gorgeous flowers, crafted by renowned artist Dale Chihuly, weigh over 40,000 pounds! 

    The masterpiece is called the “Fiori di Como” and is one of Chihuly’s most recognized art pieces. 

    I’m sure that is because 15-20,000 people visit the hotel’s lobby to view the masterpiece.  

    A 10,000-pound steel armature supports the pieces to ensure that the pieces stay intact.

    A fun fact: every morning between 2 and 5 a.m., a team of engineers clean and maintain the sculptures! You won’t find this anywhere but in Las Vegas!

    This is one of the best things to do in Las Vegas!

    Have Lunch with Harleys

    Harley lovers will be in heaven at the Harley Davidson Cafe on the Las Vegas Strip. 

    The 28-foot Harley coming out of the front of the building gets your attention immediately, but if that’s not enough, head inside and enjoy some great food in a Harley atmosphere.

    Take a Free Pull on a Slot Machine

    You never know; your free pull might make you some money! 

    Take a chance; I mean, what do you have to lose?

    It’s free, and you’re in Las Vegas!

    You will find this free machine outside the Tropicana Hotel. Step in and take your free pull!

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    Visit the Hall of Fame of Poker

    Binions is an iconic name in gambling.  Head over and check out the Who’s Who of Poker.

    Initially created in 1979 by Benny Binion, the owner of the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas, the Hall of Fame of Poker was to celebrate and preserve the names and legends of the poker community. 

    It didn’t hurt that this also became a tourist attraction in his casinos.

    To be considered, the gambler must meet four criteria: being well respected by peers.

    Watch Performances on Fremont Street

    Fremont Street is always bustling with activity. 

    Much like Bourbon Street in New Orleans, you never know what you’ll see here. 

    This is one of the most popular free things to do in Las Vegas!

    This is one of the best things to add to your list in Vegas!

    Watch a Fashion Show

    The Fashion Show Mall, located off the Las Vegas strip, didn’t get its name from thin air. 

    They truly have fashion shows there.  Why not see one to say you did?

    Watch The Lake of Dreams

    Located at the Wynn Hotel and Casino is The Lake of Dreams. 

    The Lake of Dreams is a 40-foot waterfall and lake where a nightly show occurs.

    The show includes thousands of lights, music, and holographics.

    The show runs nightly every half hour, beginning at 6:00 pm.

    Get Your Fortune Told

    You can get your fortune told for free while in Las Vegas. Just head to the Lucky Cat exhibit inside the Cosmopolitan

    Guests 21 and over can touch the cat’s paw to receive a Cosmopolitan freebie or a fortune.

    Explore a Tropical Rain Forest

    The atrium of the Mirage will transport you to a tropical rainforest without leaving Las Vegas. 

    The 10-story dome surrounding you houses extensive species of rainforest plants, waterfalls, and lagoons.

    Get Up Close with Dolphins at Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden

    View a 20,000 Gallon Aquarium

    Also located in the Mirage hotel is a massive 20,000-gallon saltwater aquarium. 

    Inside, you will find over 450 fish swimming around a coral reef. 

    This is one of the unique attractions in Las Vegas.

    Get Up Close with the Sharks

    The Golden Nugget Hotel in downtown Las Vegas houses a shark tank that is their pool! 

    This feature is a three-story complex containing over 200,000 gallons of water, coral reefs, and sharks! Another one of the fantastic Las Vegas attractions.

    Go to Hoover Dam

    The Hoover Dam, located on the border of Nevada and Arizona, is something everyone should see at least once in their lifetime.

    The Hoover Dam has been astounding generations of people for years.

    Located in the Black Canyon, the Hoover Dam serves to dam up the Colorado River between Nevada and Arizona.

    The Hoover Dam offers self-guided and guided tours daily.

    The Hoover Dam has welcomed tourists for years and is considered one of the best things to do while visiting Las Vegas.

    Be sure to visit their website for more information.

    Getting to the Hoover Dam is an easy day trip from your Las Vegas hotel and one of the Las Vegas attractions unique to this area.

    See the MGM Lion

    The iconic symbol of MGM Studios is the lion. 

    Head to the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, take your picture with the gold statue or view the live lion in his habitat.

    Check Out a Las Vegas Pool

    Las Vegas hotels are known for having great pools. 

    Take advantage of the desert sunshine and enjoy relaxing by the pool and catching some rays.  Some of the Las Vegas hotels have incredible pools. 

    Some companies take people on tours of the fabulous pool parties in Las Vegas. 

    That says a lot for the pool scene here.

    Weigh Yourself on a Giant Scale

    Head to The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, Nevada, and step on their giant scale, as long as you don’t mind everyone around seeing your weight. 

    This is one of the Las Vegas attractions I skipped. LOL!

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    Take Your Picture With a Million Bucks

    That’s right; you can take a selfie with a million dollars at Binion’s Las Vegas! 

    Granted, you can’t take it with you, but you might be able to fool a friend or two.

    See the World’s Largest Slot Machine

    Look around while exploring downtown Las Vegas, and you are guaranteed to see the gigantic Slot Machine, Slotzilla! Only in Las Vegas!

    Stroll Through 1940s New York

    The New York-New York Hotel is set up like New York City in the 1940s. 

    Roam around and enjoy being transported back in time.

    See The Little White Wedding Chapel

    Made famous for the Las Vegas Wedding of Ross and Rachel on Friends, the Little White Wedding Chapel is worth a visit. 

    Where else can you have a drive-thru wedding?

    Listen to the Gondoliers at the Venetian

    gondolier at Venetian in Las Vegas

    Stand on the Rialto Bridge and listen to the gondoliers serenade their guests as they go through the canals at the Venetian. 

    I’m telling you, the themes of the hotels in Las Vegas will have you almost believe that you have been transported across the world to another country!

    Watch the Performers at Venetian

    While roaming around the Venetian, look for the performers dressed in Carnivale-style dresses for fabulous Las Vegas entertainment.

    See an Egyptian Pyramid

    Step inside Egypt at the Luxor Hotel without leaving Las Vegas. 

    The vast pyramid is impressive on the outside but just as unique on the inside.

    Visit the Chandelier Bar

    purple lights reflect off of thousands of crystals strands around a bar

    The Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan is gorgeous. 

    Even if you don’t buy a drink, go to gawk at all the crystals that make up this fantastic bar.

    Head to Lake Mead

    Lake Mead is one of the largest man-made lakes in the world. 

    Offering plenty of relief from the Vegas sunshine, a day trip to Lake Mead is a fantastic escape from the strip.

    Go To The Grand Canyon National Park

    The Grand Canyon National Park is a fabulous thing to do while visiting Las Vegas. Granted, the trip will take most of the day, but it is well worth it.

    You will find the closest entry point to the Grand Canyon at the Grand Canyon West Rim, about 128 miles from Las Vegas.

    Driving to the Grand Canyon takes about 2.5 hours from downtown Las Vegas and is relatively easy.

    The drive to the Grand Canyon takes you past Lake Mead, Boulder City, and the Hoover Dam to see several attractions on your way to the Grand Canyon!

    The Hualapai Indian Tribe owns the Grand Canyon West Rim, so private cars are prohibited. Instead, you will park at the Welcome Center and take a shuttle to see the Grand Canyon.

    Popular viewpoints at this part of the Grand Canyon include the Skywalk Glass Bridge observation deck, a top attraction in this area.

    While not the cheapest way to see Grand Canyon National Park, you can easily take a guided tour from Las Vegas.

    Watch a Pirate Show

    Head to the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino to see the pirate show.

    The show features music, dancing, explosions, and a full-size pirate ship sinking!

    You can see the Treasure Island Pirate show nightly at 7:00 p.m., 8:30 p.m., 10:00 p.m., and 11:30 p.m.

    Visit Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay

    best hotels in vegas for couples

    Your list of cheap things to do in Las Vegas should include the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay.

    The aquarium at Mandala Bay is home to over 2,000 animals, including sea turtles, giant rays, and even piranhas!

    Final Thought on Cheap Vegas Attractions

    Hopefully, we have shown you several cheap things to do. 

    Choose the ones that best fit your personality and the things you want to explore here in this fun city. 

    Suggested Tours in Las Vegas:

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      Saturday 21st of January 2023

      Great ideas! I absolutely LOVED the dueling pianos at Harrah's. They have them at New York New York too! And the botancial gardens at Bellagio are also a fave since they rotate them so often!

      Lekha Chellani

      Monday 5th of April 2021

      I have been to Vegas twice but there is still so much more to see! I would love to see the drive through wedding windows and so much more. Your list is quite detailed and covers it all


      Monday 5th of April 2021

      I'm pretty proud/happy and impressed with myself that I have done many of the things on this list! My mom and I went to Vegas last year pre-pandemic and turned our two day trip into five days because we had so many things to do! I didn't realize Slotzilla was so large when I was at Freemont Street, though. I was too engrossed in everything else going on, haha.

      shayne spude

      Sunday 4th of April 2021

      a lot great ideas. some of them i didn't know. can't to go back to vegas sometime.


      Sunday 4th of April 2021

      Always loved all the places you could "travel" to without leaving Vegas. The last time we went to Fremont Street though we say a grown man dressed as a baby, diaper and all, and I'm not sure I can ever unsee it!