Oh, The Emerald Isle!  A dream destination for so many people, myself included.  Just know before you head off to Ireland, that you need to understand the weather and how it affects what you need to pack!  The weather in Ireland in June is different than the weather in Ireland in January.  So for this Ireland packing list, I’m talking about the essentials that you need.  By the end of this post, you will know exactly what to pack for Ireland.

Marty and I love to travel with only a backpack, and we actually do this everywhere we go!  To learn more about how we do this, we wrote a series of posts.  We begin by introducing you to The Best Backpack for Europe before telling you exactly How We Travel With Only a Backpack and then finally we share our Ultimate Carry On Only Packing List with you!

After reading all about the awesome castles in Ireland, and knowing that I was going to be able to stay in a castle while visiting, I couldn’t wait to get my packing list created!

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What to Pack for Ireland

1.  Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If you are taking a long flight from to get to Ireland, then noise-canceling headphones will be a lifesaver for you.  Trust me, you don’t want to spend hours listening to a screaming baby.  A good pair of noise-canceling headphones will make it so much easier for you to hear the movie or music that you’re listening to instead of all the noise around you (screaming baby, engine noise, that guy that won’t stop shuffling cards)!

While the Bose noise-canceling headphones are said to be the best, they are really expensive.  A friend of ours has the Cowin brand which is about a third of the price of Bose and loves them, so find what works best for you and your budget.

2.  Adaptor Plug

You don’t want to get to Ireland and not be able to charge your electronic devices, that would be awful!  In Ireland, the standard voltage is 230V with a standard frequency of 50Hz.  They use a three-pronged plug like the rest of the UK but unlike other places in Europe.  So, if you aren’t from the UK, you better invest in a good adaptor plug.  We suggest investing in a worldwide adaptor so that you just have one plug to worry about no matter where you travel.

3.  Portable Charger

Another lifesaver for us is a good portable battery charger.  We download maps of the areas we are visiting to our phones, so we can’t risk running out of power.  And if your iPhone is anything like mine, it just doesn’t seem to hold a charge like it used to.  LOL!  Marty and I purchased this charger because it had enough power to charge all of our electronic devices including our laptops, tablets, and phones if needed.

We also recently purchased a battery case for our iPhones since the batteries seem to drain so quickly.  The battery case combined with the portable charger guarantees we always have juice.


4.  Rain Jacket

We all know the weather in Ireland will include some rain no matter what time of year you visit, so you might as well be prepared.  Invest in a good rain jacket so you won’t have to worry about it.  Try to get one that is small enough that you can roll it up and pack it easily.  We personally love the Helly Hansen brand of rain jacket. They are waterproof, windproof, and breathable and can be packed up easily.

5.  Good Travel Backpack

A good travel backpack is essential for us.  Marty and I are minimal packers, so we rely on a good backpack since that is our only piece of luggage.  There are several styles and brands to choose from, so you have to find what works for your needs.  We aren’t backpacking through the woods or anything, we just use our backpack to travel light.  Because of that, we love this bag, it’s light but has plenty of room for storage and easily counts as our “personal item” on flights, thus saving expensive baggage fees.


6.  Crossbody Bag

If your traveling in any big city, then keeping your items safe and secure is a top priority.  Having a crossbody bag allows you to secure your items and place the bag in front of you where you can better protect it in crowded situations.  They also allow your hands to be free and you don’t have to worry about it falling off of your shoulder.  When purchasing one, be sure to find one that is big enough to hold your essentials and a bottle of water, it just helps to keep your hands free.

7.  Packing Cubes

This is how we are able to just use a backpack when we travel.  I love using packing cubes. They help me to stay organized and keep my items in a nice little package for me, making organizing my backpack so much easier.  If you’ve never used packing cubes, you need to start.  They are a game changer!  Packing cubes are interesting and different people like different ones.  Check out this article to the best packing cubes to see which you prefer.  

8.  Waterproof Shoes

Invest in some good waterproof shoes for the rain that you are bound to hit while in Ireland.  I personally like the Merrell brand.  They have several choices for men and women, and some of the women’s shoes look more like tennis shoes than hiking shoes.  Some people prefer to just take some good rainboots instead.  Either way, you will be fine.  Ireland is pretty casual so just go with what is comfortable for you.

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9.  Money Belt

A good money belt is another great investment.  This allows you to hide your passport and money under your clothing so that it is less likely to get pickpocketed from you.

10.  Reusable Water Bottle

Help to save the Earth by purchasing a refillable water bottle.  A good stainless steel one that is also insulated is my personal favorite, or if you’re packing light, then a collapsible water bottle is a great alternative.

Our personal favorites-click the image to shop!

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Are you planning a trip to Ireland? Make sure you have all the essentials that you need with this awesome Ireland packing list! #ireland #packinglist #travel #irelandtips

Are you planning a trip to Ireland? Make sure you have all the essentials that you need with this awesome Ireland packing list! #ireland #packinglist #travel #irelandtips

Are you planning a trip to Ireland? Make sure you have all the essentials that you need with this awesome Ireland packing list! #ireland #packinglist #travel #irelandtips

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  1. Great suggestions. I hate paying baggage fees and I think it’s nonsense. I will have to check into those packing cubes. Do they compress your clothes or just organize them?

    • I know, Kathleen, us too!! They have packing cubes that compress and ones that just organize. 🙂

  2. Love that these items are applicable to almost any of my travels. But I am looking into those packing cubes the most. I’ve just started using one my life changed for real!

    • Packing cubes are amazing, Stella. We couldn’t imagine not using them!

  3. Some great tips for my upcoming trip. Also, thanks for those Amazon recommendations!

    • So glad it was helpful, Jenny!

  4. Yeah I have to agree with #10. I started bringing one recently because plastic bottles ruin aren’t good for nature. Great post all in all! Very helpful 🙂

    • Thanks, Shelly!

  5. Great tips. Over the years I have been trying to pack less. Lots of mix and matching and scarves! Love the backpack.

    • The backpack is awesome, Shelley. Given the fact that it is not overly expensive makes it even better! It’s so roomy and has so many compartments. LOL!

  6. That’s a great list! Especially the packing cubes! I started using them last year and I would never not use them from now on. My backpack is much more organised and it makes it a lot easier to find anything in my backpack. And the water bottle is a great idea as well, I always forget to bring one 😀

    • I know, Becky! The packing cubes truly are a lifesaver!!

  7. You’ve giving me something to think about (or put on my wish list) for traveling in general. Great items!

    • Thanks, Ana!

  8. I love using packing cubes 🙂 I like to stay organized and keep my items in a nice little package ! I also use a refillable water bottle on my travels. Proper planning and preparation is necessary anytime you venture into the great outdoors !! Thanks for sharing this great list.

    • You’re so right-proper planning and preparation are key! It makes things way less stressful!

  9. Great list and very informative as I’m headed to Ireland in 2 weeks. Packing cubes are always my go to.


    • Oh yes, you have to have your packing cubes!

  10. A very useful list that I think can be applied to any destination. Ireland is an amazing place and preparedness can only make it more fun! Thanks for sharing 😊

    • I agree, Kanika! And thanks for checking it out!

  11. I NEED THIS LIST! YAASSS GIRL. I’m going to Ireland in October and have NO idea what to pack, so this is perfect! Thank you!!

    • YAY!!!! I’m so glad that it will be useful. Thank you, Anna!

  12. I wish I’d had this packing list before I went to Ireland, you have covered all the weather changes here ha ha. And a reusable water bottle is always a good idea!

    • Thanks, Chantell!

  13. I probably should invest in packing cubes already. I usually can pack light heading out, but I buy so much on vacation that my bag can be bursting on the way back!

    • That’s funny! I try not to do that since we usually just take a backpack. LOL!

  14. Waterproof shoes and a rain coat are both definite musts, no matter what time of year you visit!

  15. I’ve never used packing cubes! They look so neat! I surely agree on taking a raincoat when going to Ireland. I’ve experienced some unexpected rains last year, during my trip to Dublin.

  16. Great list! An international adapter is key, so nice to only have one to travel with. I also take my portable battery charger with me everywhere, even when I am not traveling.

    • You said it, Anisa. We tend to take the adapter and battery charger with us no matter where we go. They are just convenient.

  17. These are great tips that everyone should use in every travel.
    My charger, for example, comes with me even on day trips. 🙂

  18. Wow! That’s such a detailed post. Pinned it for my upcoming Ireland trip! Amazing 🙂

  19. What a great list of things to pack! Staying warm and dry is essential in Ireland.

  20. This is most of the stuff I bring with me on pretty much every trip! I would like to invest in some waterproof shoes for some of these more rainy destinations.

    • That’s so great to hear! Thanks for reading, Brianna!