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50 Italian Drinks That You Must Try

It is not a secret that Italy is full of history, intrigue, and amazing culture.  I mean, it consistently ranks as one of the top vacation destinations in the world.  People are drawn to Italy for so many reasons, one of which is the popular Italian drinks and Italian cocktails you can find there.

Of course, the incredible history and all of the fun facts about Italy probably help to draw people to this fabulous country as well. I mean, the capital city of Rome was founded in 753 B.C. That alone tells you that Italy is full of intrigue.

When we returned home from our trip to Italy, I found myself missing some of these popular Italian drinks. That is why I decided to create this post not only outlining what the drinks in Italy are but also how to make them. 


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Famous Italian Drinks

Before we dig into the drinks in Italy, let’s learn a little more about the lingo associated with Italian cocktails.

What is Aperitivo?

Aperitivo is an inherent part of Italian culture.  This an opportunity to enjoy light snacks and drinks with friends after work. Think of it as a pre-dinner drink, usually occurring between 7 and 9 pm.

I loved learning all about Italian Aperitivos (pre-dinner drinks) prior to my trip to Italy. I could wait to participate in one for myself! The idea of per dinner cocktails is always a great idea to me! That’s why I loved trying these drinks in Italy, especially the famous Italian ones!

What is a Digestivo?

A digestivo is an alcoholic drink that is served after a meal.  Italians believe that a digestif aids in digestion and helps to eliminate stomach trouble that might arise from the four-course Italian dinner that you just ate.

You will find various types of digestivos in Italy, some of the most popular being limoncello and nocino.  They are often served in a small glass and are intended to be sipped.

Famous Italian Cocktails

Aperol Spritz

The Aperol Spritz, also called the Spritz Veneziano, originated in Venice in the 1950s and has been a famous Italian favorite ever since. 

We were first introduced to Aperol Spritz during our time in Venice. I was hooked and learned to make an Aperol Spritz immediately as this was one of my favorite drinks in Italy, especially the Veneto region!

The combination of Prosecco, Aperol, soda water, and an orange peel twist give the popular Italian Aperol Spritz cocktail a gorgeous orange hue. 

Make An Aperol Spritz

The ingredients for the famous Italian Aperol Spritz are Prosecco, Aperol, club soda, and an orange peel for garnish. 

For this one, I just remember the 3-2-1 rule. 

Combine 3 ounces of prosecco, 2 ounces of Aperol, and 1 ounce of club soda into a glass with ice.  Enjoy your Aperol Spritz.

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Another famous Italian cocktail originating in Venice is the Bellini. Invented by Giuseppe Cipriani, founder of Harry’s Bar in Venice, is said to have named the cocktail Bellini because its pink color reminded him of a 15th-century painting by Giovanni Bellinii.

What started out as a seasonal specialty at Harry’s Bar in Venice soon became a worldwide sensation and is still one of the very popular Italian drinks today. 

Be sure to try this drink in Italy, especially at Harry’s Bar in the Veneto region, and make this popular drink at home!

Make a Bellini

If you can’t order this popular Italian drink in Italy, don’t fret.  A Bellini is a simple and popular Italian drink to recreate for yourself. 

Just put a tablespoon of white peach puree into the bottom of a flute glass and then slowly fill the glass with Prosecco.


Invented in Trentino-Alto Adige in 2005, the Hugo is a relative newcomer to the scene.  The combination of Prosecco, elderflower syrup, soda, mint leaves, and lime slices is a fabulous way to cool off from the hot Italian sun.

Make a Hugo

For the popular Italian drink the Hugo, you will need 1 sprig of fresh mint, 1/2 of a lime (sliced), 1 T. elderflower syrup (more if you like it sweeter), 1 cup Prosecco, and 1-2 T sparkling/seltzer water, and ice. 

Start by muddling the mint a little in your serving glass or rub the leaves between the palms of your hand before placing them in the serving glass. 

Add the lime slices to the glass, pour in the elderflower syrup, Prosecco, and a splash of sparkling water.  Stir to combine and serve over ice immediately. 

Enjoy this these traditional Italian drinks after dinner!!

Limoncello Spritz

Italian cocktails-limoncello spritz

A fun twist on the Aperol Spritz, the popular Italian drink the Limoncello Spritz will delight your taste buds for sure! 

This crisp and refreshing drink combines just three ingredients- limoncello, Prosecco, and soda.

These traditional Italian drinks is great on a hot summer day! Be sure to try this drink in Italy, especially on the Amalfi Coast.

Make a Limoncello Spritz

You will need 2 oz. limoncello, 4 oz. Prosecco, 2 oz. soda water, 1 lemon slice (for garnish), and a sprig of mint, basil, or thyme for garnish (optional). 

Pour the famous Italian limoncello, Prosecco, and soda water in the order shown into your glass filled with ice. This is one of the delicious traditional Italian drinks.

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Invented in Milan in the late 1800s, L’Americano is also referred to as a Milano-Torino.  This light and bitter cocktail famous Italian drink became a favorite of Americans, thus giving it the name the Americano. 

Combining Campari and vermouth creates this simple but tasty Italian drink and a classic Italian cocktail, the Milano-Torino.

Make an L’Americano

For an Americano you need 1.5 oz Campari, 1.5 oz sweet vermouth, soda water, and a slice of orange peel for garnish.  Fill a highball glass with ice.  Pour the Campari and vermouth and then top with soda.  Be sure to keep the 1:1:2 ratio though. 

Negroni Cocktail

Another aperitif (pre-dinner drink) on our list is the Negroni cocktail.  The Negroni is said to have been first created in Florence, Italy in the early 1900s. 

It is said that the bartender was asked by Count Camillo Negroni to strengthen his favorite cocktail, the Americano.  Thanks to that bartender adding gin instead of soda water, the Negroni was born and was named after the famous Italian Count Camillo Negroni.

The Negroni cocktail is definitely a classic Italian drink.

Make a Negroni Cocktail

To prepare a Negroni, you will need 1 oz Campari, 1 oz. Gin, 1 oz Sweet Vermouth,  and a slice of orange for garnish.

In your old fashioned glass, combine all of the ingredients and fill with ice.  Stir until cold and garnish with an orange slice and toast to Count Camillo Negroni.


Named after the famous Italian composer of Madame Butterfly, Giacomo Puccini, this traditional Italian drink is a delicious blend of mandarin juice and Prosecco.

Similar in taste to a mimosa, the Puccini is the perfect brunch addition.  We found this cocktail to be a popular aperitif (pre-dinner drink) and summertime Italina drink when we visited the island of Burano.

Make a Puccini

For a Puccini, you will need 8 segments of tangerine/mandarin/clementine, 3/4 oz of Mandarine liqueur,  and Prosecco. 

Muddle the segments of fruit in the base of a shaker.  Add the Italian liqueur and shake with ice. 

Fine strain into chilled flute glasses and then top with Prosecco. 



The Bombardino is the perfect traditional Italian drink for those cold winter days. 

Literally translated to be “the bomb,” this cocktail is reminiscent of eggnog.  Created in northern Lombardia, today it is a popular drink throughout the Italian Alps.

Make a Bombardino

For a Bombardino, you need 1.5 oz brandy, 3 oz egg liqueur, whipped cream, and cinnamon. 

Begin by warming the egg liqueur in a small saucepan on the stove.  Pour the brandy into a glass mug

When the egg liqueur is hot, slowly pour it into the brandy.  Stir well. 

Top with whipped topping and a dash of cinnamon.


Another famous Italian aperitivo cocktail (pre-dinner drink) is the Pirlo and a famous Italian drink.  Similar to the Aperol Spritz, the Pirlo is a combination of Campari, white wine and soda. 

The Pirlo uses still Italian wines instead of Prosecco.  This combination yields a bitter taste, yet smooth Italian cocktail.

Perfect for a hot summer day.

Make a Pirlo

A Pirlo requires Campari, 2-3 oz of still white wine, sparkling water, and 1 lemon or orange slice. 

In a glass, pour one part Campari, the still white wine, and a dash of sparkling water.  Garnish with the lemon or orange slice and enjoy this popular Italian drink.


Italian Cocktails-Rossini

This yummy concoction combines strawberry puree, sparkling wine, and simple syrup into a delicious sweet treat that you will love.  This bubbly concoction is named after the famous Italian composer, Rossini, as it is said that people often described his music to be “bubbly”. 

To create a Rossini cocktail at home, it is recommended that you have a good blender. This is one of the traditional Italian drinks to enjoy.

Make a Rossini

For a batch of Rossini cocktails, you will need 1 lb. fresh strawberries (hulled and sliced in half), 1/4 cup sugar, 1 T lemon juice, 1 bottle of chilled Prosecco.

Begin by pureeing the strawberries, sugar, and lemon juice in a blender until completely smooth.  Pour the puree through a fine strainer. 

Fill your flute glasses about 1/2 full of the strawberry puree, then slowly pour the Prosecco over the puree. 

This is one of the traditional Italian drinks that you will love!


Another Italian aperitivo cocktail (pre-dinner) that uses the go-to bitter Campari, the Garibaldi was a little know Italian cocktail until it was added to the menu of a popular NYC bar. 

It is named after the famous Italian general, Giuseppe Garibaldi, who is said to have significantly contributed to the unification of Italy in the late 1800s.  The cocktail combines the taste of Northern Italy, the Campari, with the taste of southern Italy, the oranges.  Kinda cute!

The key to this perfect drink is that you have to use freshly juices oranges. 

Make a Garibaldi

Again, the key to this drink is to froth the orange juice.  To accomplish this, through your oranges in a high powered blender and blend until foamy. 

For the cocktail, add 1.5 oz of Campari to a highball glass filled with ice.  top with 4 oz fresh-squeezed orange juice and stir gently. 

Spiked Affogato

One of the things I learned is that Italians don’t mess around when it comes to their coffee or their gelato! 

With that in mind, what is there not to like in this Italian drink combining coffee and gelato?

Make a Spiked Affogato

The ingredients for Spiked Affogato include 2 oz of fresh-brewed espresso, 2 oz bourbon or amaretto, 1 cup of coffee or vanilla gelato. 

Begin by brewing your fresh espresso.

Pour the bourbon or amaretto (whichever you like) into your saucer glass.  Top with gelato. 

Pour espresso over the gelato and give the mixture a little stir.  Enjoy this Italian drink immediately!!

Gin and It

The Gin and It is a famous Italian cocktail that has a sophisticated, bitter-sweet flavor.  Sometimes referred to as a Sweet Martini, it seems to be an ever-evolving cocktail that has withstood generations. 

Traditionally, the drink was not served over iced and it was a half and half mixture of vermouth and gin.

Make a Gin and It

For a Gin and It, just combine equal parts gin and sweet vermouth in a cocktail glass and stir. 

Variants of the drink include combining 2 oz of gin with 1 oz sweet vermouth over ice. 

Angelo Azzurro

Angelo Azzurro translated into English means “blue angel”.  The citrus flavors of triple sec combine with the sweet blue curacao and botanical gin to create an ultra-sexy cocktail.

This is a pretty and delicious classic Italian drink.

Make an Angelo Azzurro

For the Angelo Azzurro, you need 3 oz gin, 1.5 oz triple sec, .5 oz blue curacao, ice, and 1 lemon peel (for garnish). 

Add ice to your cocktail shaker, followed by the blue curacao, triple sec, and gin. 

Shake vigorously and then strain and pour into a martini glass.

Sgroppino al Limone

Italian cocktails-Sgroppino al Limone

Originating from the Veneto region of Italy, this cool combination of lemon sorbet and vodka will have you wishing you were living in Italy! The name Sgroppino is from the Venitian word Sgorpare which means to loosen. 

Create a Sgroppino al Limone

To prepare the Sgroppino al Limone you will need 16 oz lemon sorbet (softened), 2 T vodka (chilled), 1/3 cup dry Prosecco (chilled), and the zest of one lemon.

Begin by chilling four champagne flutes in the freezer. 

In a bowl, whisk the lemon sorbet until smooth.  Gradually whisk in the vodka and Prosecco.

Pour the mixture into your chilled champagne flutes, top with the lemon zest, and serve immediately.

Il Cardinale

In 1937, the cocktail was created at the Hotel Excelsior when the German Cardinal, Cardinal Shumann was known to have an aperitif consisting of ice, gin, Campari, Riesling wine, cloves, cinnamon, and lemon peel. 

The bartender of the hotel suggested altering the cocktail slightly and named it after the famous Italian cardinal.

The cocktail became very popular and made its way overseas with the name “La Dolce Vita”. 

Try out this classic Italian drink and see what you think.

Make Il Cardinale

For the Il Cardinale you will need 1 oz dry gin, 1 oz Campari, 1 oz dry vermouth. 

Stir the liquids into an old-fashioned glass with ice. 

Negroni Sbagliato

It Italian sbagliato means “messed up” or “mistaken”, which is the perfect description for this drink.  For you see, it is said that this drink, like so many others, is the mistake of a busy bartender. 

This bartender is said to have substituted sparkling wine instead of the gin in a Negroni.

Make a Negroni Sbagliato

You will need 1 oz. sweet vermouth, 1 oz, Campari, 1 oz. sparkling wine.

This drink is easy to prepare.  Simply take a rocks glass filled with ice and combine the vermouth and Campari. Top these with the wine and stir.

Italian Margarita

Of course, everyone knows the classic margarita, but have you met its cousin from overseas, the Italian Margarita?

This simple, yet delicious drink combines the flavors of a traditional margarita with the sweet and nutty taste of the Italian liqueur, Amaretto. 

Make an Italian Margarita

To make an Italian Margarita, you will need 2 oz. of Blanco tequila, 3 oz fresh-squeezed orange juice, 1 oz amaretto, 1 oz fresh-squeezed lime juice, and a lime or orange wedge for garnish.

Add the ingredients to an ice-filled cocktail shaker and shake well.  Strain into a salt or sugar-rimmed glass filled with ice. 

Toast up this Italian drink with friends!


Founded in the 1970s, and named after the Oscar Award-winning film “The Godfather”, this cocktail is easy to make as it contains only two ingredients, whiskey, and amaretto.

The amaretto in this drink helps to soften the whiskey and makes a delicious, but sweet drink.

This classic Italian drink is an easy go-to cocktail.

Make a Godfather

Combine 2 oz of blended scotch or bourbon with 1/4 oz of amaretto in a mixing glass that is filled 2/3 full of ice. 

Give the liqueurs a stir and then strain into a fresh glass of ice.

Popular Italian Drinks: Italian Liqueurs


The Italian word for “bitter” is amaro, which is totally suiting for this drink.  Amaro has a bitter-sweet, almost syrupy-like flavor and consistency.

Honestly, it feels as though “anything goes” with this Italian alcohol.  Regardless, they all have one thing in common, people love them and use them throughout drinks in Italy.


In the most simple of forms, vermouth is a fortified and aromatized wine.  Traditionally, vermouth is wine spiked with brandy and infused with herbs, spices, and a sweetener.

While vermouth was originally marketed for medicinal purposes, it quickly gained popularity as an aperitif and a great addition to cocktails.

If you have ever had a Martini, then you have definitely tasted vermouth.


Italian drinks-limoncello

I have to be honest here, I took my first sip of limoncello while visiting the beautiful island of Capri, Italy, and was instantly hooked. 

This delicious Italian lemon liqueur is produced in Southern Italy, specifically around the Gulf of Naples and the gorgeous Amalfi Coast.  Traditionally served cold in a small glass as a digestif, limoncello is the second most popular liqueur in Italy!

Limoncello produces a delicious lemon flavor without all of the sourness or bitterness of pure lemon juice. 

Try this great limoncello recipe to create limoncello at home.  It is surprisingly easy!


Another one of the popular drinks in Italy on our list is Mirto. 

Mirto is created by macerating the berries of a myrtle plant creating either mirto rosso, a sweet mirto made with the black berries of the plant, or mirto bianco, a variety of mirto made from the white berries. 

Mirto is traditionally served as a digestive and is always served well chilled and then sipped. 


One of the best-known after-dinner drinks in Italy is Sambuca.  This colorless, anise-flavored liqueur is often served neat or with water as water is said to enhance the flavor.

Sambuca is often served as a shot alongside Italian coffee beans.  In addition, the anise flavored shot may be ignited in order to toast the Italian coffee beans, just be sure to distinguish the flame before drinking!

Talk about living la dolce vita!


Traditionally produced in Northern Italy, grappa is a grape-based brandy that contains 5-60% alcohol by volume.

Buyer beware if you are choosing to partake in grappa. 

Grappa is traditionally served chilled and as a digestive after dinner.


Cynar is a bitter liqueur that falls into the Camaro family.  Created by combining the artichoke with other plants and herbs, this drink has a bittersweet flavor that is unique all to itself.

Despite its dark color, Cynar actually mixes well in cocktails as it is sweeter than other amari.   


Italian drinks-Amaretto

Italy’s love affair with amaretto is said to date back to the 1500s.  While there are a couple of claims as to who actually invented amaretto, one thing is for sure, this almond-flavored liqueur has withstood the test of time for sure.

Surprisingly though, amaretto may or may not contain almonds.  The base for amaretto is actually made from apricot pits, almonds, or both. 


Yielding from Northern Italy, Nocino is a dark brown liqueur that is made from unripe green walnuts.  After steeping in the alcohol, the walnuts are removed and the alcohol is mixed with simple syrup.

Nocino yields a spicy, sweet-tasting liqueur that has a distinct flavor depending on where you get it.  It seems that each person has their own unique flavoring that they add to create their Nocino.

Often served chilled as an aperitif, Nocino is also great drizzled over vanilla ice cream!


Frangelico is a world-famous liqueur that is produced in Canale, Italy. 

Created in 1978, Frangelico is a hazelnut based liqueur that is caramel colored and produces a delicious toasty flavored liqueur with hints of vanilla and white chocolate.


Galliano liqueur was created in 1896 that has a distinct taste of vanilla.  While you can drink Galliano on the rocks, it also makes a great addition to Italian cocktails as no additional sweeteners are needed if you are using this liqueur. 

If you have ever had a Harvey Wallbanger, then you have had Galliano liqueur.

Italian Wine


Just uttering the words “Chianti wine” brings about visions of rolling Tuscan hills dotted with gorgeous vineyards as far as the eye can see.  This red wine from the Tuscany region is one of the most renowned Italian wines in the world and with good reason.

Chianti wine is made from the Sangiovese grape which has very thin skin.  This makes the ruby red wine appear almost translucent in color. 

This wine pairs well with food as it is incredibly high in acidity. Enjoy your Chianti wine with rich cuts of meat, or tomato-based pasta sauces.

This is truly a great wine to try in Italy!


Lambrusco is a bubbly wine made from a family of red grapes originating from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy.  One of the oldest Italian wines in Italy, Lambrusco comes in a variety of flavors ranging from dry to sweet.

This fruit-forward wine has notes of berries, rhubarb, and often violet.  It can range from lighter-bodied to full-bodied as well.  Lambrusco is often lightly bubbly and pairs well with just about anything!


The Negretto grape is found in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy and produces a dark berry that is known for its hardiness and disease tolerance.  This dark grape produces a sweet, slightly tannic wine that is weak in body and alcohol content.

A Negretto is great to try in Italy.


Barolo wine is a translucent brick-red colored wine that has the flavors of cherry, raspberry, and licorice.  This wine is full-bodied, high in tannins, and extremely dry. 

Best served with rich foods, Barolo is definitely a wine that should be on your list of popular Italian drinks to try.

The Barolo is great to drink in Italy.

Brunello di Montalcino

One of Italy’s top regional red wines, Brunello di Montalcino is a medium-body wine that is high in tannins and acidity. 

This dry wine yields flavors of plum, leather, and cherry and pairs well with high in fat foods like Prosciutto and Pancetta.

Vin Santo

Vin Santo is an Italian dessert wine that is traditional in the Tuscany region of Italy.  Typically Vin Santo wines are made from white grape varieties and can vary in sweetness levels from extremely dry to extremely sweet.

This full-bodied wine is often served in small glasses and paired with biscotti in the Tuscany region.


Italian Wine-Prosecco

As you have probably noticed in the Italian cocktail recipes above, Prosecco is Italy’s favorite bubbly wine.  Originating from Northern Italy, Prosecco boasts flavors of green apple, honeydew, pear, and cream.

Prosecco is available in 3 different sweetness levels, so be sure to find the one that suits your taste. 

This delicious wine pairs well with food, especially a good antipasto.


Dolcetto grapes are widely grown in northwest Italy in the Piedmont region. Haven’t heard of the piedmont region?  This region is in northern Italy and includes some fabulous towns, like the city of Turin. 

If you haven’t heard of Turin, you should check it out.  There are so many things to do in Turin, Italy, including seeing how these decadent dolcetto grapes are grown!

This grape produces a rich, soft, and fruity wine that pairs well with meat and vegetable dishes.


The word Nebbiolo is derived from the Italian word nebbia which means “fog.”  This is because there is generally a dense fog that settles over the vineyards during harvest season.  These grapes produce a light-colored red wine. 

Once aged, the wine takes on aromas and flavors of tar, herbs, spices, cherries, tobacco, and prunes, making this wine an acquired taste in my opinion.

The wine is bone dry and high in tannins making it pair well with high-fat cheeses.


Barbera is the wine that the Italians drink in the Piedmont area.  This dry wine is medium to full-bodied and low in tannins. 

The palate will notice tastes of cherry, licorice, and blackberry along with a peppery finish.



Montepulciano is one of my absolute favorite Italian wines.  While we didn’t make it to Montepulciano during our time in the Tuscany region, the town comes highly recommended.

This beautiful red wine is well balanced and has delicious notes of red plum, blackberry, and baking spices. 

The wine is semi-dry with a medium body and medium tannins.  Pair this delightful wine with sausage or a great meat pizza.

Italian Beer


Peroni beer is an Italian Lager beer.  This beer is Italy’s number one premium beer.  Founded in Italy in 1846, this Italian beer is refreshing and easy to drink.  The crisp and subtle citrus beer is now a worldwide sensation with sales all over the planet.


Menabrea is an ancient beer that is produced in the Piedmont area of Italy. 

This prize-winning beer is produced in a blonde lager has a hint of sweetness to contrast the bitterness of the hops, creating a nicely balanced beer.


Moretti is an Italian brewing company, founded in 1859 by Luigi Moretti.  The company was acquired by Heineken Brewing Company and has been a popular beer ever since.  The Italian lager has a special blend of hops that give this beer a unique bitter taste.

Nastro Azzurro

Peroni’s Nastro Azzurro is another Italian lager beer.  This beer contains 5.1% alcohol by volume and has a crisp, citrus aroma.


Forst is based in Forst, Italy.  The brewery has been producing beer since 1857 and is still in business today.

Using spring water from the Alps gives Forst a clean, crisp taste to their premium lager.  This beer is great to enjoy alone or with food.

Forst also produces a Sixtus Doppelbock which is a darker beer that has a hint of malt, caramel, and toasted spices.

Italian Coffee


Ristretto is a delicious Italian coffee that tastes sweeter than a normal espresso shot.  The word ristretto means “restricted” and that perfectly describes the way that this shot is produced.  You see, it is made using the same amount of finely ground coffee, but less water.

The result is a sweet, less acidic coffee taste.  Honestly, this is one of my go-to coffee drinks in Italy.


A cappuccino is an espresso-based Italian coffee drink that is prepared using espresso and steamed foamed milk.  You will see Italians enjoying cappuccinos all over the city on their way to work in the morning as it is one of the most popular Italian drinks.  This is the perfect start to your day of sightseeing.

A little tip that we tell you about in our things to know before visiting Rome, is to never order a cappuccino after lunch.


Espresso is a brewing method that originated in Italy.  This is a strong coffee drink created when a small amount of nearly boiling water is forced under pressure through finely-ground coffee beans.

The beans are roasted for a longer period of time in order to be classified as espresso roast beans.  These beans are also ground finer than drip coffee to give espresso its unique taste.


Bicerin is a delightful treat that you just have to indulge in while in Italy.  You notice that I used the word “indulge.” 

Bicerin is a hot drink that originated in Italy in 1763.  Al Bicerin made this drink by layering espresso, drinking chocolate, and frothed milk in a small glass.

As you can see, Italy is full of delicious Italian drinks in Italy and Italian cocktails just waiting for you to try. 

Of course, we would all wish to sip on these while in Italy, but for those times when you can’t be in Italy, then be sure to make some of these popular Italian drinks for yourself!

As always, we value your feedback, so comment below and let us know what other famous Italian drinks you enjoy! 

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Paula Martinelli

Saturday 6th of March 2021

I love this post! Aperitivos are one of the best things in Italy - my favorite is Aperol Spritz, I have it every day when I travel to Italy. I also got the recipe and I love to make it back home, during summertime. Thanks for sharing other ideas and recipes. I love it and I need to try other aperitivos now.


Sunday 7th of March 2021

We love the Aperol Spritz also. We were first introduced to it in Venice and have been drinking it in Italy and at home ever since! Thanks for reading and commenting!


Monday 1st of March 2021

My favorite cocktail is a Mimosa. I also love to replace vanilla in chocolate chip cookies with Frangelica and or Ameretto.


Monday 1st of March 2021

Oh wow, that sounds amazing! I love a good mimosa also ;)


Tuesday 23rd of February 2021

Wow this was a very interesting and informative post! I really liked learning about Aperitivo and Digestivo. I guess that is how they can eat all those courses of meals because of those drinks maybe. Also, I really love Bellinis!


Wednesday 24th of February 2021

Yes, eating is definitely an event in Italy! Personally, I love the aperitivo time. It is so much fun!

Renata - byemyself

Tuesday 23rd of February 2021

Even if you guys spent an entire month in Italy, having sampled 50 drinks is...impressive. As a matter of fact, I love the whole concept of 'Aperitivo' - and the drinks that come with it.


Wednesday 24th of February 2021

It is certainly a fun way to get to know the country!