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Taking the Naples to Capri Ferry: All You Need to Know

Taking the Naples to Capri Ferry:  All You Need to Know

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A trip to Italy is not complete without visiting the gorgeous island of Capri.  Honestly, if Capri isn’t on your couple’s bucket list, then go add it now!

Located in the Bay of Naples and known for it’s upscale shopping and beautiful landscape, Capri is easy to access by taking a Naples to Capri ferry

Friends, trust me when I tell you this is no ordinary boat ride.  The Naples to Capri ferry is like being transported from the energetic streets of Naples to a serene ocean adventure that ends with you enjoying an Italian island paradise.

Our trip to Capri was part of our honeymoon where we spent several glorious weeks in Rome before heading to the southern coast of Italy which included Capri, the gorgeous Amalfi Coast before wrapping up in  Paris.  While I only had the pleasure of spending 24 hours in Capri, it was enough time for me to fall in love with this small slice of Italy.

Let me tell you honestly though, if you have time I would definitely schedule for time in Capri and at least 3 days on the Amalfi Coast

They are both so gorgeous that this definitely isn’t an area that you want to rush through.  In addition to Capri, you might want to check out the things to do in Ischia, Italy as Ischia is known for some great beaches. 

Honestly, I probably would have scheduled a couple of days in Napes as well.  There are plenty of things to do in Naples in 2 days if you wanted to spend some time exploring it as well. 

I mean, if nothing else, take time to eat pizza in Naples as it is one of the top traditional Italian foods!  

We discovered Capri while planning our honeymoon in Europe using our trusty Pinterest account. 

After seeing all of the gorgeous pictures of Capri, I insisted that we arrange for some time there.  I mean, Capri has been attracting visitors for generations from the Roman emperors to Hollywood’s rich and famous.

Like most people, my initial research started with a simple question, how do I catch a Naples to Capri ferry?  Well, you’re in luck because I’m going to give you this information quickly and easily to ensure that you are able to visit Capri while on your Italian holiday!

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Naples to Capri Ferry: Everything You Need to Know

Logistics of the Naples to Capri Ferry

It turns out that catching a Naples to Capri ferry is really quite simple!

Ferries from Naples to Capri depart from two ports: the Molo Beverello and the Calata Porta di Massa.

It’s important to note that there are a few options when choosing your Naples to Capri ferry.  You can take the slow traghetto (ferry), a faster Nave Veloce, or the fastest boat, an aliscafo/jet (a hydrofoil). 

Of course, there is a price difference between all three with the hydrofoil being the most expensive option.  Deciding which you want to take is important as they depart from two different ports.

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Molo Beverello

If you’re like most people then you are probably doing a day trip from Naples to Capri and you want to arrive quickly.  With that in mind, spend a few extra euros and head for the Molo Beverello port to catch one of the faster boats to Capri.

Getting to Molo Beverello is easy.  If you’re coming in from the airport, take the Alibus shuttle bus directly opposite the exit to the airport.  The shuttle busses depart every 15-20 minutes and cost about 5 euros per person, much cheaper than a taxi!

If you’re already in Naples, or you have just arrived via train, then you can take the Tram 1 or bus 151 from Piazza Garibaldi to Molo Beverello.  Marty and I chose to walk to the port and it was actually quite easy. 

We walked down Piazza Municipio toward the sea, crossed the super busy road (be careful!), took a right, and walked down Via Ammiraglio Ferdinando Acton and just watched for the signs of the port.

Calata Porta di Massa

If you’re arriving by plane then you can follow the same directions above and jump on the Alibus airport shuttle bus.

If you’re already in Naples, take the metro to the Universita Metro stop then walk down Via Marchese Campodisola.  Cross over Via Alcide de Gasperi and Via Nuova Marina and you will see the port straight in front of you.

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Buying a Ticket to the Naples to Capri Ferry

When you arrive at the port, choose the line that has your destination listed at the top of the board.  Don’t worry about the name of the company. 

There are several companies that offer a Naples to Capri ferry and since you probably don’t have a preference, just find one that has a convenient departure time for a price that you are willing to pay. 

Although it isn’t necessary to buy your ticket in advance, you might want to check the times and prices prior to arriving at the ferry port.  If that is the case, the easiest way to do so is to head to the Capri Tourism website. Here you will find departure times and ticket prices all organized for you.

Ticket prices at the time of publication were ranging from 14 to 23 euros one way depending on the speed of the boat and the point of departure.  Service on a given line runs about hourly so you don’t usually have to wait very long for a boat to be ready to go.

Marty and I just simply arrived at the port, checked the board for the next departing boat, and went and bought our tickets.  It was really such an easy process.

Tips For Buying a Ticket

I would highly advise that you check the schedule often as it is subject to change, and often does.  If you are traveling during the high season (July and August) then I highly recommend that you arrive at the port early to avoid your tickets being sold out.

Your ticket will have the time printed largely on the front and will also contain the departure and arrival port.  If you buy a return ticket, it will look the same but the arrival and departure ports will be reversed and it will have a later time. 

Generally speaking, the times are not steadfast rules.  If your return ticket states 5 pm but you want to get on the 6 pm boat, this usually isn’t an issue (as long as the boat isn’t sold out).  So, if you are traveling during the high season (July and August), it’s best to ensure you are departing at your scheduled time.

Naples to Capri Ferry

What to Expect on the Naples to Capri Ferry

The ride from Naples to Capri takes anywhere from 40 min to 1 and 1/2 hours, depending on the boat that you choose.

I will tell you that this is one of the most scenic ferry rides we’ve ever taken.  Sitting out on the deck with the wind blowing in my hair and the warm salty air surrounding me just made me feel so relaxed. 

We loved seeing the seaside towns dotting the hillside as we passed by. 

I swear that Marty must have taken a hundred shots of Mt. Vesuvius.  He loved seeing it looming off in the distance as we swayed along on the ocean.

The boats were comfortable and served snacks and drinks, making the time on them seem to pass by pretty quickly.

Our first sight of Capri took our breath away.  Suddenly you see these gorgeous rock cliffs coming out of the ocean and then in the distance, you see the hillside dotted with beautiful homes while underneath it all boats bob in the water. 

It’s truly gorgeous!

Naples to Capri Ferry

Arriving in Capri

All of the ferries arrive in Capri’s Marina Grande.  Once you arrive, you will walk up the pier toward the center of the port area.  From here, you have a couple of options. 

If you are heading up the hill to the town of Capri or Ana Capri, you can take a taxi anywhere you wish on the island. 

You can also take the funicular or the bus to either of these places. 

If you have a boat tour of the island scheduled then you are probably already in the right place since most boats leave from Marina Grande.

Marina Grande Capri is easily accessible with the Naples to Capri ferry

 Naples to Capri Ferry-All of Your Questions Answered

As you can see, the Naples to Capri ferry is really an easy and fun way to get to explore Capri.  Be sure and check out our post How to Spend 24 Hours In Capri to see some of the fun things we did while visiting this island.  Comment below if you have questions or further suggestions! 

While you’re here, don’t forget to book a fun tour for your time on Capri!

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    Naples is my favorite place. I would definitely love to explore it again!!



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    We just love all of Italy! LOL!


    Tuesday 18th of June 2019

    It sounds like such a simple process to take a ferry from Naples to Capri. I think we would take the slowest ferry and enjoy the ride and the views. Capri looks stunning. I can see why you insisted on a honeymoon trip to see it.


    Thursday 20th of June 2019

    It was beautiful, Lance. We definitely enjoyed the views and our time on Capri!


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    Capri is on my bucketlist. I'm pinning this for when I go. Thank you!


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    So happy to hear that, Kelly! Thank you and I hope you get to go soon!


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    I've yet to explore this part of Italy and I would really love to, I think the ferry is a great way to do it. Thank you for all the detailed info, I love posts like these which tell you what to really expect!


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    Thank you for reading, Andi. We loved exploring this southern Italy. It was breathtakingly beautiful.


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    Thanks for reading, Annick. I hope you do make it one day. Capri is absolutely amazing!