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15 Amazing Sunflower Fields in Texas

Oh, the beautiful sunflower! 

I’m sure by now, we have all seen the amazing Instagram pictures full of gorgeous big, bright yellow flowers that look as if they were just waiting to be photographed!

Believe it or not, one of the facts about Texas is that the sunflower has taken hold as a major crop here in the great state of Texas.  Making it easier than ever to find some amazing sunflower fields in Texas!

While the spring brings about the beautiful bluebonnets in Texas, nothing screams summer like the warmth of the Texas sun and the Texas sunflower fields.

Lucky for you, we love finding wildflowers in Texas so we have put together this post that outlines some of the best places to find these summer beauties! So pack up your road trip essentials and hit the road!

Most of the fields that we mention in our post are easily accessible from North Texas, making them one of the great day trips from Dallas if you are in this area. 

If not, no worries.  We have also included some areas in the Hill Country and other areas of Texas as well.

Let me also note that if you are visiting “side of the road” fields, you should ALWAYS be respectful.  Ideally, you should find out who owns the fields and ask permission before entering, and never damage the crops in anyways!

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Facts About Sunflowers

Sunflower fields are acclaimed as being some of the best flower fields in the world. Before we jump right into the sunflower fields, let’s look at a few fun facts about sunflowers!

  • The blossom of the sunflower is called the head and contains as many as 2,000 yellow petals!
  • The sunflowers head is actually made up of smaller flowers.  Look closely!
  • Each sunflower can produce as many as 1,000-2,000 seeds.
  • Sunflowers are native to North America.
  • Sunflowers actually “track” the sun.  Well, you ones at least.  Once the head gets to maturity, it is usually too heavy, so those generally just face east.
  • Sunflowers can range in height, and not all sunflowers are yellow.
  • The tallest sunflower on record is over 30 feet tall!  Try getting a selfie with that one. LOL!
  • Sunflowers can self-pollinate.

Ok, enough with the sunflower facts.  You are here to discover the Texas sunflower fields, so let’s get to it.

Sunflower Fields in Texas

Robinson Family Farm

sunflower fields in Texas

About 40 min south of Waco, Texas, you will find the family-owned and operated Robinson Family Farm.  Believe me when I tell you there is always something going on at this farm.  They host Easter events, sell Christmas trees, and love it when families visit during their Fall Days celebration.

Part of their fall days celebration includes visiting their gorgeous sunflower fields.  So clear your calendar for weekends in October to partake in this event.

Boasting beautiful sunflowers that stand five to six feet tall, Robinson Farms sunflower fields make for a great place to capture some fabulous pictures in this Texas sunflower field.  Another great feature of Robinson Farms is the fact that they allow you to their pick and take some of the sunflowers home with you.  What a great way to brighten up your home!

After you have had your fun in the sunflower fields, be sure to visit the other attractions on the farm during the fall celebration.  Kids will love the corn maze and visiting the pumpkin patch and adults will love the live music and the many yard games that are available throughout the property.

Wild Berry Farm

facts about sunflowers

You will find Wild Berry Farm in Sadler, Texas which is located in far northeast Texas almost to the Oklahoma border.  You can reach this quiet little town in about 1-1.5 hours if leaving from the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, making it an easy day trip!

Known for growing a variety of fruits and wildflowers, Wild Berry Farms welcomes visitors to visit during the blooming season.  Their Instagram page shows gorgeous, full sunflower blooms during the month of October, so mark your calendar.

Visitors are welcome to enjoy the bloom, just be sure to check in first.  For a small fee, you can also take home some stems of flowers for yourself as well. While here, be sure and check out the Farm Cafe to enjoy some of the fresh offerings created here.

Wild Berry Farm is a great place to capture the perfect sunflower selfie and enjoy a day supporting a family-owned business.

Wildseed Farm

Texas sunflower fields

Wildseed Farm consistently makes our list of things to do in Fredericksburg, TX.  It is a wonderful place to not only stroll through the wildflower fields (which rotate seasonally) but to also buy some wildflower seeds so that you can create your own beds at home.

According to the Wildseed Farm website, they cultivate over 1,000 acres in Texas, 200 of which are located at their Fredericksburg location.  We love visiting in early spring to see the gorgeous red fields of poppies, and, of course, during the late summer/early fall to see the gorgeous fields of sunflowers.

There are walking paths that take you around the property to the different fields so that you can have an up-close experience with the plantings.  We especially love the variety of sunflowers that you will find here.  The farm grows sunflowers of all colors, including a gorgeous dark red variety called “chocolate cherry”.  Of course, they offer traditional yellow sunflowers as well.

After enjoying the fields of sunflowers, be sure to check out their on-site Biergarten and winery to complete your experience.

Mainstay Farm

Located in the Texas small town of Cleburne, about 45 minutes south of Fort Worth, you will find the family-owned and operated Mainstay Farm.  Their slogan, “The Biggest Backyard in Texas” is perfect for this fun farm!

Mainstay Farm is home to numerous events throughout the year, making it a great place to visit over and over again.  They host Pumpkin patches, a Christmas Tree Farm, and Spring Break activities in addition to being one of the great sunflower fields in Texas.

Their sunflowers generally appear in late September and bloom for a limited time, so be sure to check out their website prior to visiting to get the most up-to-date information.

After visiting the sunflower fields, be sure to check out their other attractions. They have a giant house made of pumpkins, live music, fun slides, and over 30 other attractions.  You can also shop in the Haymarket and grab some great lunch or a refreshing lemonade!

Froberg’s Farm

sunflower facts

Froberg’s Farm is located just south of Houston and is the perfect place to visit if you are in Galveston, one of our romantic getaways in Texas!

This is one of the unique sunflower fields in Texas as Froberg’s boasts a 5-acre sunflower trail on their property.  Known for their deliciously sweet strawberries, Froberg’s has been a favorite to Texans for years as visitors can come and pick their delicious red berries from January through May.  Once the berries have dissipated, it is then that the fields are transformed into a massive sunflower field.

Visitors can enjoy the cheerful yellow blooms for a small fee daily from 9 am until 5 pm.  While they don’t currently allow professional photography, you can enjoy the flowers and snap a selfie or two before picking your own flowers to enjoy and take home.

Froberg’s Farm also offers an annual Fall Festival that opens the last weekend in September and continues through the first weekend in November.  The Fall Festival has a corn maze, pumpkin patch (in October) and plenty of activities to keep the family entertained.

In addition to all of this, you can shop at the farm store or eat at Greak’s Smokehouse.  I highly recommend grabbing a slice of their homemade pie during your visit also!

Dewberry Farms

According to Dewberry Farms’ website, it is their 19th year to bring you “Texas-sized fun”.  They open in May and already feature their fabulous 4 acres of sunflowers, making Dewberry Farms a great spring-time destination.

The farm welcomes visitors Friday, Saturday, and Sunday by offering a “dew it all” ticket.  This ticket includes all attractions, one time at the Gemstone Mining, and one round at Blasters Cannon.  We especially love that they offer a $2 discount to seniors, military, and first responders!

In addition to the gorgeous sunflowers, Dewberry Farms is home to loads of fun, interactive activities for the whole family to enjoy. There are even a Ferris Wheel and a Carousel on the property!

Like our other farms, Dewberry Farms also offers you the opportunity to purchase stems of their sunflowers to take home with you.

Yesterland Farms

Head to Canton, Texas to discover the fun awaiting you at Yesterland Farms.  Not only does Yesterland Farms have one of the great Texas sunflower fields, they also host all sorts of family-fun events throughout the year.

The fall is a fun time to head to Yesterland Farm to see the incredible sunflowers and to partake in the other 30+ activities that make up their fall attractions.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to find their way through a corn maze before riding the fun rides at Yesterland Farms.  They have live music, slides, farm animals, and train rides also.  So, I know you are coming for the sunflowers, but there is so much to do at Yesterland Farms that you might as well make a weekend out of it!

P-6 Farms

sunflower fields in Texas

Head about an hour north of Houston, and you will find the small town of Montgomery, Texas, and the P-6 Farm.

P-6 Farm is home to several varieties of sunflowers including the traditional bright yellow sunflowers, orange, and dark red flowers.  Come and roam through their flower patch and capture some great pictures before choosing the perfect blooms to take home with you.

For optimal blooms, be sure to check their website before visiting.

After you have had your fill in the sunflower field, check out the other things happening at the farm.  They host a corn maze, pumpkin patch, hayrides, and duck races just to name a few.

Lone Star Family Farm

You will find Lone Star Farm located in Stephenville, about an hour and a half west of Fort Worth.

Plan your trip to Lone Star Family Farm in the fall as their sunflowers are the fall-blooming varieties.  Although you cannot pick the sunflowers here, you can stroll around and take all of the photos that you would like.

In addition to the sunflowers, there are several fall activities available during your visit as well.  Kids will love trying their hand at the corn cannon and sliding down the giant slides.  Adults can enjoy a friendly game of corn hole or challenge their friend to a roping competition using one of the farm’s roping dummies.   There is also a giant corn maze and a mini corn maze available to visitors.

Sweet Eats Fruit Farm

Located in Georgetown, one of the small towns in Texas that we love, Sweet Eats Fruit Farm is a delightful place to enjoy some Texas sunshine.

Sweet Eats Fruit Farm offers seasonal fruit picking that is a popular draw for the locals.  In addition, the farm boasts 4.5 acres of sunflowers that they open for visitors to enjoy.  There is also a pumpkin patch, hay maze, obstacle course, and many other fun activities to entertain you during your visit to the farm.

Maxwell’s Country

A trip to West Texas sounds like a great Texas road trip!  Plan your trip to Maxwell’s Country Farm in the early fall (mid-September to October) to catch the fabulous sunflower blooms that this Amarillo farm produces.

Maxwell’s has gorgeous yellow blooming sunflowers that are easily accessible on the walking paths throughout the property.  Their acres of sunflower fields have giant heads and grow to the perfect height for you to grab some amazing Texas sunflower field pictures.

Like our other farms, Maxwell’s offers loads of activities to keep you entertained on your visit.  There are numerous photo opportunities throughout this west Texas property, including a giant cow-print chair.  Visitors can also enjoy firing the apple cannons, taking a hayride, and enjoying the bunny village.

While you are here be sure to check out their concession area and get a delicious corn dog or funnel cake!

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Other Texas Sunflower Fields

In addition to the structured farms that we mentioned above, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the Lone Star State to see Texas Sunflower fields.

The state of Texas has seen a dramatic increase in the number of acres used to plant sunflowers.  Here are some noteworthy places that we have seen beautiful fields of sunflowers in recent years.

Off of Interstate 35 in Hillsboro

Head south out of Fort Worth on Interstate 35 and you will run into a large field of sunflowers right off of the highway in the small town of Hillsboro.  We have noticed these sunflowers in bloom during the heat of the Texas summer, specifically during the month of July.

As this sunflower field is right off of the highway, it is easily accessible for you to pull over onto the shoulder and grab a quick photo from the edge of the road.


There are two gorgeous fields of sunflowers in Ennis off of Highway 287 near the Speedway.  The sunflowers planted here are beautiful large-headed yellow flowers that grow well over 5 feet tall.

Whitewright, Texas

There is a gorgeous Texas sunflower field off of Fiddlers Road in Whitewright, Texas also.

Tips for Visiting the Sunflower Fields in Texas

sunflower facts

Be Respectful

First and foremost, be respectful when visiting the sunflower fields in Texas.  As Texans, we pride ourselves on being kind to our neighbors and always displaying good, Southern hospitality.

When visiting the farms we listed above, be sure and pay your entry fee and always follow the rules that they have in place for their visitors.  If the farm does not allow you to pick the sunflowers, then don’t pick the sunflowers.  Ensuring that you are respectful and following the rules ensures that everyone can enjoy the beautiful flowers.

If you are visiting a “roadside” farm, remember that these farms are private property and are a cash crop for the farmers.  You should never trespass and you should never destroy, damage, or tamper with the sunflowers in any way.  Instead, do your research and ask for permission if you would like to do a photoshoot in one of the sunflower fields.  Again, sunflowers are a cash crop for our great Texas farmers.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

While I know that you want to look fabulous in your sunflower photos, just remember that you are in a farming environment.  Wear appropriate shoes and clothing to ensure that you have the best time.

Photography Tips

Of course, we always recommend having a great camera.  We shoot with a Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless and absolutely love it!

If you are interested in getting one, we recommend buying the bundle that includes more than just the camera body.

The best time to photograph flowers is on an overcast day.  The soft, even light will help to compliment the colors and not cast harsh shadows on the flowers.

I like to get close to the flowers as well.  This gives a different perspective and allows the eye to view the flower in a different way.  We generally use a dedicated macro lens for this type of flower photography.

Of course, changing your perspective is another great photography tip.  Try to get high or low and shoot from different angles to get interesting, unique photos.  Use the subject, light, and background to your advantage to determine the best angle.

Final Thoughts on Texas Sunflower Fields

Enjoying the beautiful Texas sunflower fields and all of the nature in Texas is such a treat.  We hope that this post has inspired you to get out and explore our great state some more.

We would love for you to comment below and tell us about your experience with sunflowers in Texas!

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Thursday 8th of July 2021

I would point out that the fields in Ennis are 100% farm crops. The farmers rotate crops and so one year there may be sunflowers and the next there may be corn, which is the case this year (2021). And even though there is no fence and it's tempting to pull over and jump out to snap a selfie, the fields in Ennis are private property that you are NOT allowed to be on. So please enjoy them from the safety of your car.


Monday 12th of July 2021

Thank you so much for this update, Ginger. I will update that portion of our post soon as well.


Thursday 25th of March 2021

These are so beautiful, especially the different varieties! CAn you pick them - I mean, legally and officially by paying a fee?


Friday 26th of March 2021

Some places allow you to pay to pick them, but always ask first because they are a cash crop for most farmers. :)


Wednesday 24th of March 2021

I LOVE sunflowers. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of sunflower fields here in Ontario, so I haven't been to see one yet. It is on my list of things to see though, so this list is perfect for when I visit Texas


Wednesday 24th of March 2021

We love them too! I hope that you get to visit soon!


Wednesday 24th of March 2021

Can't go wrong with visiting beautiful field of sunflowers! Thanks for all the different locations.


Wednesday 24th of March 2021

Thank you for reading, Stephanie!

Renata - bye:myself

Tuesday 23rd of March 2021

Sunflowers are wonderful flowers - positive and beautiful...and even healthy. Your pix are filling me with positivity - and at this moment, I cannot get enough of it ;-)


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Oh yay! I am so glad to hear that!!