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Where to Stay in Rome: Best Areas and Places to Stay in Rome

Where to Stay in Rome: Best Areas and Places to Stay in Rome

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Rome, the eternal city and a place that is probably on most people’s bucket list.  Planning a trip to Rome is no easy task, I remember!  Our first trip to Europe included Rome and I remember feeling a little overwhelmed. 

Not only did I have to choose from all of the things to do in Rome, but I also had to decide where to stay in Rome.

If there is one thing to say about Rome, it is that the city is definitely diverse.  The neighborhoods in this bustling city differ greatly and finding the right accommodations for your stay is imperitive.

Do you want to stay in a charming apartment and live like a local?

Do you want to stay in a luxurious hotel?

Do you want to stay in a boutique bed and breakfast?

No matter which you choose, Rome has you covered.

To help alleviate some of this stress from you, I teamed up with some fellow travel bloggers to cover the not only the best areas to stay in Rome, but also the best places to stay in Rome.

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    Where to Stay in Rome

    Historic Center-Best Area to Stay in Rome for First-Timers

    The Trevi Fountain-where to stay in Rome

    If this is your first visit to Rome, then you probably find the historic center as the best area to stay in Rome.

    This area is not only beautiful, but it makes a great jumping-off point to see Rome’s major attractions.  Strolling through the historic lanes is magical, and there is no shortage of shops, bars, and restaurants to ensure that your every need is met.

    Here you will find yourself surrounded by Roman history and immersed in the culture.  You are within easy walking distance of the Pantheon, Campo di Fiori, and the famous Trevi Fountain. 

    Although the Metro does not run in this area, it is easily accessible by either walking or by taking the busses or trams that run throughout Rome.

    As one of the most popular areas in Rome, it is important to note that the Historic Center can be overrun with tourists, especially in high season, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

    Trastavere-Best Area to Stay in Rome for…Everything

    The adorable region of Trastavere will win over every traveler’s heart. 

    We were first introduced to Trastavere during our food tour in Rome, and we fell in love with this area. 

    Located just across the bridge from the Historic Center of Rome, there is just something special about the cobblestone streets that run throughout this area.  Here you will find the Villa Farnesina and the Roman Botanical Gardens.

    Trastavere is best known for its fabulous food and great nightlife.  Be sure and visit Piazza Trilussa to enjoy some great nightlife and some affordable, yet delicious, Italian cuisine.

    If you don’t like crowds, especially at night, then Trastavere might not be for you.  It is also important to note that there are no Metro stops here either.

    Monti-Best Area to Stay in Rome for History Lovers (where we stayed)

    Monti is a historic neighborhood in the center of Rome.  Tucked in between the Colosseum and Via Nazionale, staying here is staying in “Julius Caesar territory”.

    Staying here puts you close to the Metro and train station and allows you to easily walk to Colosseum, the Forum, and the famous Santa Maria Maggiore Church. 

    You will find history all around you in the Monti neighborhood.  Structures build by Emporer Trajan line this area including the Trajan market, forum, and Trajan Column.  The church of St. Peter in Chains, where Michelangelo’s statue of Moses is housed, is also found in this area.

    Monti is very popular with the boho, hipster crowd in Rome. 

    This area has a laid-back feel with cool bars, boutique shops, and trendy restaurants.  If staying here, be sure to check out Piazza delle Madonna di Monti where you will find locals hanging out enjoying the atmosphere of this funky neighborhood.

    Prati-Best Area to Stay in Rome to be Close to the Vatican

    The Vatican-best areas and neighborhoods in Rome

    Millions of visitors a year flock to Rome to visit one of its most famous sights, the Vatican.  You will see crowds of people flocking to the Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s Basilica on a daily basis. 

    The Vatican is home to countless numbers of famous works of art, including the world-renowned paintings by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. In addition to this, Prati is also home to Castel Sant’Angelo, the building originally constructed as a tomb for Emperor Hadrian.

    While the Vatican and Prati areas are bustling during the day, you will find that they are quieter at night, allowing for a great experience if you choose to stay in these areas.  This area is a good taste of true Roman life as you will find many locals living here going about their daily lives, making it a good place to escape the tourists.

    Prati is also home to numerous restaurants, shops, and a small sampling of nightlife.  This area might be too “slow” at night if you are looking for a good nightlife scene.

    Termini-Best Area to Stay in Rome on a Budget

    The Termini station in Rome is the epicenter of train travel.  Although not the best or most attractive area in Rome, it is definitely full of budget accommodation options that allow you to be close to the train and metro at all times.

    There are great museums and churches surround the Termini so it is definitely not an area to be overlooked completely. 

    I loved the variety of food that was found in this area.  As this is considered the “immigrant area” in Rome, you can find food establishments from all over the world, including the large, Chinatown-like market.

    This area is outside of the city center, so I wouldn’t recommend it to a first-timer as you really do need to take public transportation to get to the major attractions of Rome. 

    This area might not be the best fit for a solo female traveler either as it can get a little “sketchy” at night.  It does put you relatively close to the Monti neighborhood, and for the price, it might be just what you are looking for.

    Honestly, this area isn’t that bad.  Marty and I stayed a few blocks away from the termini on our second visit to Rome and really enjoyed the local eateries and the convenience of being near public transportation. 

    Overall, I felt that the area was relatively calm and safe.  I would say that it is for “budget-minded” traveler that doesn’t mind taking public transportation to get into the city center.

    Testaccio-Best Area to Stay in Rome for Foodies

    If you are a food lover, then Testaccio is for you!  Although this neighborhood is a little out of the city center, it is not short on charm! 

    It is here that you will find the true Romans living, working, and cooking!  Home to amazing trattorias serving up traditional Roman cuisine, Testaccio will definitely tickle your tastebuds. 

    I mean, you know it is good when the Romans families come here to eat!

    Come here to enjoy the Marcato Testaccio where you can sample and purchase products from local vendors.  It is also in Testaccio where you will find Circus Maximus the Mouth of Truth, the ancient lie detector test.  LOL! 

    It is also in this area that you will find the pyramid-shaped tomb that was built in 12 BC.

    Testaccio is a great area to stay in if you want to get a feel for home Romans live and to escape the crowd of tourists as few venture into this area.

    Best Places to Stay in Rome

    Now that we have explored the best areas to stay in Rome, let’s dive into the best places to stay in Rome. 

    This is where I recruited some of my fellow travel blogging friends to assist me as we haven’t stayed everywhere.  I know, I could have gone onto TripAdvisor and found the top-rated hotels in Rome, but this is more fun. 

    So, below I have outlined their recommendations on where to stay in Rome based upon their personal experience.  Of course, I threw in a couple from Marty and I as well.

    Di Rienzo Pantheon Palace

    Submitted by Whitney of Designs for Travel

    Find out what to do in Rome with this Rome Itinerary.

    best areas to stay in Rome

    Looking for the best place to stay in Rome?  Stay in the heart of Rome at Di Rienzo Pantheon Palace.  This charming Bed and Breakfast and apartments are located in Ancient Rome, right near one of the most famous monuments. The Pantheon.

    Choose from a variety of comfortable rooms or suites (that sleep up to 5 people), or stay in one of the fully furnished apartments with kitchens.  All of the classic accommodations are decorated in a typical Roman style and are cozy and comfortable.

    Breakfast is included with all of the accommodations at the family restaurant…right on the Pantheon Piazza!  Getting up early and sitting outside on the piazza (before all of the tourists get there), while having a cappuccino, may be the highlight of any vacation in Rome. 

    The breakfast is self-serve and includes a variety of tasty items.

    One of the best things about a stay at Di Rienzo Pantheon Palace is the customer service.  The staff is friendly and helpful and a great resource for learning about travel in Rome.

    Book Di Rienzo Palace here

    Hotel Raphael

    From Marty and Michelle of That Texas Couple

    Another fabulous hotel in Rome’s Historic Center is the Hotel Raphael.  A stay at the Hotel Raphael is nothing short of fabulous.

    The Hotel Raphael welcomes guests with luxurious rooms, complete with all of the amenities you could need or want.  Boasting parquet floors and gorgeous marble bathrooms that come with robes and slippers, you can get spoiled quickly here.

    Combine that with air conditioning (so important during the hot Roman summers), free wired internet, you might not want to leave your room.  That would be silly though because then you would be missing all of the ruins in Rome that are only steps away. 

    The wonderful city of Rome is right outside your door when you stay at the Hotel Raphael.

    Click here to book the Hotel Raphael.  

    Rrose Selavy

    Submitted by Meghan of Meghan the Traveling Teacher

    Discover More with Meghan’s 2 Days in Rome

    airbnb-best places to stay in Rome

    If you’re looking for an incredible view of the city that’s close to tons of shops, food, and public transit, this adorable Airbnb is for you.

    This funky place hosted by a local has a private balcony as well as cozy spots around the house to enjoy. Our room had it’s own private balcony and we loved taking in the view during the evening.

    It’s right between everything you’ll be doing while in Rome as well. Walk to the Vatican in just 10 minutes or hop on the train to get to the Colosseum and other sites. Nearby are some incredible, local restaurants with authentic food you’ll fall in love with.

    Coffee and a light breakfast are included in your stay as well as strong Wifi. It is a shared Airbnb so you will see your host in the home from time to time.

    She’s an artist and so kind and helpful! She gave us all the best local recommendations during our stay and we had the best meal of our trip because of her recommendation! At just $54 a night, you really can’t find a better deal or place to stay while in Rome

    Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria

    Submitted by Julie of Blonde Hair Blue Skies

    where to stay in rome

    The 5-star Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria is a great choice for luxury travelers. While not far from the city center, the hotel’s location provides a tranquil oasis far enough removed from the rapid pace of Italy’s capital for a relaxing getaway.

    Rome Cavalieri is located high on a hill above Rome, just beyond Vatican City. The hotel offers a shuttle and taxi station for easy access to the top attractions.

    The rooms are spacious and plush. Salvatore Ferragamo Tuscan Soul toiletries are offered. All rooms have a sitting area and a balcony. Ours provided a great view of Rome and the beautiful 15-acre grounds.

    There is a pool, tennis courts, gardens, and a spa on site. There is even a concierge that can arrange unique experiences and exclusive tours such as an Italian super-car experience and a Vatican gardens tour.

    Rome Cavalieri has the only 3-star Michelin restaurant in Rome, La Pergola.  This rooftop restaurant offers spectacular Rome views and boasts its own art collection.

    There are several other upscale dining and more casual restaurants on site. Free breakfast with views of the gorgeous pool area is offered to Hilton HHonors Gold and Diamond members. Click here to book the Rome Cavalieri. 

    The Orange Garden

    Submitted by Claudia of My Adventures Across the World

    Best areas to stay in Rome

    Whether you are spending a week or 3 days in Rome, picking a place to stay is important for that will affect the way you enjoy the city. You want a place that is central enough to minimize the use of public transportation, but in an area that is also quiet, which is easier said than done in a city of non-stop chaos.

    The Orange Garden is located near Ottaviano Metro Station, an area that is very close to the Vatican and to many other attractions in town.

    It’s actually divided in two parts – one is a bed and breakfast, perfect for travelers with a smaller budget, and another is a boutique hotel with gorgeous rooms. Bed and breakfast guests can enjoy breakfast in the dining room that has incredible views of St. Peter’s Dome.

    Rooms in both cases are beautifully decorated in classic style furniture, with a cozy finish and vintage-looking bathrooms. Another positive note is that pets are allowed and breakfast is included in the price.

    Book Orange Garden here.

    Erika House

    Submitted by Karolina of Lazy Travel Blog

    Erika House is one of the best places to stay in Rome due to its ideal location and comfortable interior design.

    Perfectly situated in the city center, the city of Rome is literally at your doorstep with the Vatican Museum just a hundred meters away and the Saint Peter’s Basilica a mere ten minutes’ walk away.

    By staying in this centrally located accommodation, you will have the pleasure of seeing more of Rome instead of wasting time with long commutes.

    The perfect accommodation for a group or family, Erika House has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, easily accommodating 5 people, without having to endure long bathroom queues in the morning.

    This is another plus as taking turns to use one bathroom can cause the loss of time waiting when you can be outside enjoying a nice cup of Italian espresso as you plan the itinerary for the day ahead.

    And, when it comes to getting ready to leave, logistics will not be a problem as the airport shuttle stop is just ten minutes away.

    Equipped with comfortable beds, there will be no sleepless nights in Rome.

    With free Wi-Fi and a flat-screen TV with multiple channels, keeping the kids busy will not be a problem as you prepare the meal in its amazing kitchen. It is one of those places that make staying in an option despite all that Rome has to offer.

    For less than 120USD an evening, you can find the Roman vacation of your dreams at Erika House.

    Hotel Otivm

    Submitted by Stella Jane of Around the World in 24 Hours

    Hotel Otivm is one of the most convenient and charming mid-range hotels in all of Rome.

    The rooms start at only about 130 US dollars per night. It’s located right by the Palazzo Venezia, which means it’s just a short walk away from major attractions like the Capitoline Museums or the famous cat colony at the Largo di Torre Argentina.

    The rooms at the Hotel Otivm have all the important amenities. Most importantly, if you are visiting Rome in the summer, Hotel Otivm has excellent air conditioning. There is also fast and free wifi in the rooms.

    The beds and showers are large, stylish, and in excellent condition. In the lobby, the staff is available to help 24 hours a day, and they’ll be happy to give you advice or arrange for a taxi if you need it.

    A tasty breakfast is also included with the room rate. That means every morning you can relax in the hotel and enjoy some yummy pastries, a healthy yogurt, and a cappuccino made to order without having to pay anything extra.

    In the evening, you can enjoy a drink at the rooftop bar of the Hotel Otivm. This will give you amazing views of the Eternal City just as the sun is setting. It will be a magical memory to add to your amazing trip to Rome.

    Click here to check prices and book Hotel Otivm.

    Roman Enchantment

    Submitted by Wendy Werneth of The Nomadic Vegan

    Roman Enchantment is an ideal budget-friendly choice for solo travelers or couples. As a family-run guesthouse with just five rooms, it’s kind of a cross between a typical hotel experience and an Airbnb.

    The owners are extremely friendly and eager to chat, so you get the same kind of personalized experience as you would when renting out someone’s spare room through Airbnb.

    And at the same time, you have a bit more of the privacy and security that a hotel offers.

    Keep in mind that, with such a small operation, the reception is not manned around the clock, so you should let the owners know what time to expect you. But they are happy to store your bags for a few hours if necessary, which can be a great help.

    The hotel is located in a neighborhood called San Giovanni that’s just east of the Colosseum and yet gets overlooked by most tourists.

    Unlike other areas in the city center that have been completely given over to tourism, San Giovanni still feels like an authentic Italian neighborhood where the locals go about their daily lives.

    And yet, it’s central enough that you can walk to most of the main sights and to the many fabulous restaurants in Rome’s city center.

    Prices vary by season, but in the winter you can snag a double room for under 40 euros, which is an incredible value. In most hostels in Rome, you’d pay that much or more just for two dorm beds!

    Click here to book Roman Enchantment.  

    Domus Sessoriana

    From Us, That Texas Couple

    For a really unique experience in Rome, consider staying at the Domus Sessoriana Hotel.  Marty loves finding unique places to stay, and Rome was no exception.  On our first trip to Rome, Marty found us this cool hotel and we loved it.

    The Domus Sessoriana connects to the Basilica di Santa Crose in the Gerusalemme church.  This hotel is informal and nothing fancy, but has everything you need. 

    The converted monastery dates back to the 10th century.  Our room was spacious and included air conditioning, a private bathroom, and a small balcony.

    Mornings were spent sipping cappuccinos and eating croissants on the rooftop as breakfast was included in the price of the room.  We also loved exploring the historic property including visiting the church to see the relics from the passion of Christ. 

    The hotel is a short walk to the Metro station but is easily accessible by bus.

    Check prices and book Domus Sessoriana here.  

    Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Rome

    As you can see, there are many places to explore when deciding where to stay in Rome.  Rome is such a diverse city with an epic past just waiting to be explored. 

    Take your time when exploring the best places to stay in Rome and find the perfect place just for you.  There really isn’t any right or wrong answer.

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    Aditi Sharma

    Monday 30th of March 2020

    Lots of great suggestions here. Last time we visited Rome, we stayed near the Colosseum and enjoyed exploring the historic city on foot. We loved Trastevere and found ourselves returning to this part of the city every day for savoring the authentic Italian cuisine served at the lively restaurants there - I think next time we visit Rome, I'll try to reserve a hotel in that area.


    Sunday 29th of March 2020

    So many coices! While I usually dont like to stay where there are a lot of tourists, since I havent been to Rome I would want to stay in the city center or the same area that you and Marty stayed since it's close enough to walk from there.


    Friday 27th of March 2020

    I'm always intimidated by how to "map out" my trips. I like to pick an accommodation that is close to everything, and I'm so bad at reading maps and knowing how to choose a place to stay! I'm hoping to go to Rome for my 30th next years and this gave me a lot more confidence. Thanks!


    Friday 27th of March 2020

    We are so glad to hear that, Stephanie. Please reach out if you have specific questions. We would be happy to help! :) I hope you love Rome as much as we do!

    Larissa N

    Friday 27th of March 2020

    Hope we can get there again some day soon!

    Jenn | By Land and Sea

    Wednesday 25th of March 2020

    Thank you for the great suggestions! We experienced a great stay in Rome at an Italian Convent! We also experienced a not so great stay where our hotel actually canceled our reservation without notifying us. Glad to hear there are plenty of options though!


    Thursday 26th of March 2020

    That is so awesome to hear. The convents and old churches are such cool accommodations!