The Italian island of Burano is a true dream come true for shutterbugs like my husband.  Dotted with colorful houses and famous for its handmade lace, Burano is a must-see while you are visiting Venice.  I really couldn’t imagine being in Venice and not visiting Burano and Murano.

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Visiting Burano:  Getting From Venice to Burano

You have a couple of options to get to Burano from Venice.  The most economical way (but not the fastest) is to take the number 12 Vaporetto from the Fondament Nove platform in Venice.  The ride takes about 40 minutes and will also stop at Murano.

If you prefer, you can also book a private or small group guided tour instead.  There are some great Murano and Burano tours to choose from, so find one that works for you.

What to See and Do on Burano Island

The Colored Houses

Immediately upon seeing Burano, you will notice the beautifully colored houses.  Each of Burano’s houses is painted a vibrant color.  The families paint their houses these bright colors to designate where their house ends and their neighbors’ house begins.  Since the island has always been a true fisherman’s island, legend says that the bright colors of the homes helped the fishermen to be able to see their house from the sea.

Whatever the reason, these brightly colored houses draw over a million tourists to this small island every year.  Marty and I had so much fun just roaming around looking at the houses.  Of course, he was looking through his lens constantly, but I’m used to that.  LOL!


Colorful houses line a canal with boats docked

Colorful houses lining a canal with boats

Colorful houses line a canal

Burano’s Handmade Lace

Burano is also known for its beautiful handmade lace.  Ladies on the island have been making lace since the 16th century, and boy can you tell.  The lace produced here on the island of Burano is said to be some of the best in the world.  Take time to talk to the shop owners or see one of the live demonstrations.

Marty and I watched a demonstration at La Perla, a lace shop located on the main street, Via Galuppi. It was truly a work of art to see these ladies at work stitching this gorgeous lace.

You can also visit the Lace Museum while on the island.  The museum houses examples of 16th and 17th-century lace, as well as beautiful lace-trimmed gowns worn by Italian royalty.


Be sure and take time for a meal while visiting.  You will notice the main street is lined with restaurants and cafes, most specializing in the local seafood.  Marty and I ate at Al Gatto Nero da Ruggero, and it was amazing!  (Sorry, I always forget to take pictures of the food-we always just dive in)

For dessert, be sure and try the bussola buranello cookies.  These cookies are a Burano tradition and date back to the beginning of the island.  The crunchy texture and the semi-sweet taste of the cookies make them the perfect companion to a cup of coffee or tea.  You will find the cookies all over the island, just look in the windows of the bakeries.  For the real deal, visit La Pasticceria Carmelina Palmisiano.

Cobblestone street lined with colorful buildings on both sides

Take your time and enjoy visiting and discovering Burano.  Marty and I were there for about 4 hours, and we felt like we had plenty of time to explore, take photos and enjoy a good meal.

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Burano island is the perfect day trip from Venice. This guide will show you how to get to Burano from Venice, and then outline all you need to know to enjoy a day on the island. #burano #venice #italy

Colorful houses in the background with a box that says guide to visiting the colorful island of Burano, Italy

Ultimate Guide to Burano

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  1. Burano is incredible! I had the pleasure of visiting once before and couldn’t stop taking photos! I’d love to go back though! Great guide to visiting this beautiful place!

    • Thank you, Mike! It is a really gorgeous little island. We enjoyed it immensely.

    • Thank you so much, Alina!

  2. Your photos look beautiful! I’ve been to Venice once but I didn’t have enough time to go to Burano. However, I’m definitely going back. Thanks for this amazing post!

    xx Myrra,

    • Thank you, Myrra!

    • Thank you, Marissa. My husband is the photographer so I will pass on your compliments :).

  3. These houses are utterly adorable. I had no idea Burano was so close to Venice

    • Yes, it was the perfect day trip.

  4. Burano looks so pretty! With all the colors and the picturesque buildings it really is perfect for photographers! Do you think there’s enough to see/do there to spend a couple days? Or is it better as a day trip?

    • As pretty as it is, it is a quiet little town. I personally think it is best for a day trip. I guess if you just wanted a relaxing night then you could do that. I think the town shuts down pretty early though, so be ready for a quiet evening.

  5. Lace Museum sound to me interesting to explore. 🙂 All bright colors of the houses truly beautiful. Pleasure to know about this island.

  6. Absolutely stunning. Thank you for writing a pretty detailed guide. will save it for later 🙂

    • Thank you!

  7. I visited Venice but not to this island! Next time when I visit, I will visit the picturesque Burano. You have a wonderful writing style. I loved reading your post.

    • Thank you so much, Chirasree!

  8. I love all the photos that you shared and thanks for the recs will definitely save this for future!

    • Thanks for reading, Cherrie!

  9. I loed visiting Burano albeit feeling sad that its a somewhat dying town. A lost art of lacework and fishermen where the young now flee to the bigger cities in search of something more exciting. But the colours of the houses are beautiful. Photographer’s dream!

    • Yes, Amy, it is really sad to think about that. Hopefully the tourists will fill the void and keep it alive.

  10. As a fashion design student, I had always wanted to see Burano lace being made. It’s great that you got to watch the masters at work. The city’s houses look so gorgeous lining the canal. The pictures are really lovely.

    • They are such skilled craftsmen, their attention to detail was fabulous and they made it look so easy! Thanks for the compliment on the pics 🙂

  11. I’ve been dying to get to Italy…such vivid colors and crush history. Now you’re tempting me with cookies! Lol. Great post.

    • Italy is my absolute favorite place and the cookies were good!

  12. Lovely post, never been but I think I would definitely stop here if I was planning a trip to Italy.

  13. I really wish I had been able to visit here! Definitely sounds like the place to go! I love how colourful the buildings look!

  14. Burano is seriously a dream! I just went last year and was blown away by the colors. Loved your photos!

    • Thank you, Lily!

  15. I went to Burano years ago on a tour, but I don’t remember much of the details. I would love to go back and just explore on my own. I love all the colors and it would be fun to photograph.

    • You really should go back, Anisa. You wouldn’t stop snapping pictures. LOL!

  16. I have been to Venice twice but I have not been able to visit Burano. That is a bit painful since I love colorful places and the houses on this island resemble the rainbow (plus, they resembled me a bit of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico). I will need to visit a third time to stop by Burano.

  17. Great guide. I have previously been to Burano and loved it, although my visit was only for a couple of hours so I’m keen to go back, explore more and maybe try your restaurant suggestion too.

    • Thanks, Mike! I hope you get to go back soon. It’s such a beautiful little island.